My New Happy: Independent Designer Runway Show

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Independent Designer Runway Show

The Flounce Poppy Dress, Poppyseed by Rebekah Adams

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In September I was excited to attend the Independent Designer Runway Show during Bellevue Fashion Week.  It's been many years since I saw a show, and I'd forgotten how much fun they are.  The creative energy is always so inspiring, and I love seeing what's new for the following season.

Honestly, my first thought upon arriving at the venue was that I was too old and unfashionable to be there.  But soon I found some Seattle blogger friends and a glass of wine, and all was well.

This show was especially interesting because it was sort of Project Runway-esque.  The seven featured designers had been working with a panel of mentors for six months to refine their collections, and at the end of the evening a "winner" was chosen.  Congratulations to Rebekah Adams of Poppyseed for the win!

My favorite looks from the show (and P.S. - props to to the real photographers out there.  It's not easy taking good runway photos):

Jersey Virago by Meagan Kruz
Stone Crow Designs by Jennifer Charkow
Lourdes E Eva by Nora Suarez
Paloma Hurtado by Paloma Hurtado
Gustavo Apiti Couture by Gustave Apiti
Chany Venturini by Maria Venturini
Last year's winner - Devonation by Devon Yan
So much fun!  Seattle Fashion Week is coming up, and I'll definitely be attending a few more shows.  Hopefully there will be friends and wine.

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  1. I've never been to a real designer fashion show before. Looks so fun and electric!

  2. I would love to go to a runway show some day!!!

  3. How much fun was that event? I loved the grey and pink look. My fave!

  4. How fun to attend a fashion show! I've never been, seems like it would be so exciting. I'll go with you and Deena to a show!

  5. I think I subconsciously avoid fashion shows because I feel like I'd be too unfashionable to go and I'd feel awkward. It sounds silly to admit but as I read your words they rang true for me. It does look like fun and it's always better with friends!

    1. Definitely better with friends. You would have fit right in!

  6. How fun you got to attend an event like this!


  7. Amazing fashion show! Lovely photos!

  8. That would be so much fun! I guess my two favorites were both red, the dress and the big cape coat.

  9. That red dress is WOW! And I might feel too old to be there myself, so I get that, but there's no way you're not fashionable!!!


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