My New Happy: TBB Style: White Jeans and My Favorite Bag

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

TBB Style: White Jeans and My Favorite Bag

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After months of talking about pulling out my white jeans for winter, I finally remembered. Seriously, I'm only 50 but my brain is already turning to mush.

I love white jeans this time of year.  They pair so well with winter neutrals and brighten up a cold, rainy day.   If you only own a cropped pair, tuck them into long boots with a pair of socis and no one will know.  This duster cardigan has also become a favorite.  It's super warm, has great twirl factor, and can be used like a cape to dramatically leave a room when your husband is driving you crazy, a la The Housewives of Somewhere.  Just sayin.

And this bag.  My Kate Spade Birkin.  That's what the salesman in Las Vegas called it when I purchased it on a trip with my blogging BFF's last November.  We laughed at him, but seriously, it may be my favorite bag ever.  And it didn't cost $15,000.  As a matter of fact, they were having such a good sale, it was practically free.  It's the perfect size, and the plum color (eggplant? mauve? purple?) is so pretty.  Let's just say I haven't stopped using it since I got home.

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  1. White HOT mama is east you are in those! Absolutely gorgeous outfit!!

  2. LOL duster making a great exit piece. Good idea to tuck cropped pants into tall boots. Love that bag!

  3. Bwahaha! Swirl it like a cape when you make your exit! So wonderful!

  4. Twirl factor is always good! I call that color, aubergine.

  5. Hahahahahahahaha love the reference to the Real Housewives of Somewhere!!! I wore a duster last week and kept swirling and twirling in the pictures like I had a cape on - so funny. I LOVE your KS bag and I'll bet it was practically free - I tell my husband that all the time, his brain just doesn't seem to get girl math. I bought a KS bag as a gift to myself for leaving my old job and embarking on this new adventure. It's a little smaller than I'd like but I love it, it has a tassel like yours. I got it at the outlet for less than $90. I have my sights set on a bigger one though - I LOVE the size of yours. And yay you Lana - wearing the white jeans and brightening up a gray day!

  6. You look fab, Lana! I Love your bag - it such a perfect color for cold weather looks.

  7. I just love that Kate Spade bag, I only have one of her bags (in bright red) and I love it. That is such a gorgeous color. I love this white denim look with the duster!


  8. I’ve been rocking white jeans all winter and loving it. I’ve even get a bunch of compliments when ever I wear them. Seems like people really believe you can’t wait white during the winter. Good thing we didn’t get that messgae :)

  9. You look so pretty in winter white! I love the duster cardigan too!

    pumps and push-ups

  10. For some reason the last few weeks my white jeans have been heavy in the rotation! You created the perfect outfit with them!

  11. I used to have a bag just like that! I miss it. I haven’t had white jeans since the great orange juice incident of 1993, but you’re inspiring me.


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