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Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Shooting In My Town

Yesterday there was a school shooting in Washington, which I'm sure you all heard about.  It happened in my little town, a suburb about thirty minutes north of Seattle.  My son goes to the other high school here, and wasn't involved, although he does know two of the students who were shot. Our entire community is sad and traumatized.  I remembered this post I wrote a few months ago, and because I can't think of anything else today, I'm running it again.  Who knew.

On the final day of school last month, my sixteen year old son came home, and when I asked him how he felt about finishing up his sophomore year he said, and I quote, "Good. I made it through another semester without getting shot at school".  He stopped me in my tracks.

As my older son was getting ready for his first day of community college, he commented that there should be a class about what to do if a shooter shows up on campus.

These statements from my boys literally made me cry.  I am so sad that they are growing up in a world where they have to worry about gun violence in the classroom every day.  When I was their age, I felt perfectly safe at school.  In fact, I didn't even give it a second thought.

We live in a small community with a relatively low crime rate, but my boys are still worried. Our kids can't help but think about it every day, even if it's in the back of their mind.  

There have been 31 firearms attacks at U.S. schools since the start of the year.  In the eighteen months since the horrible incident at Sandy Hook Elementary, the frequency of gun related events has actually increased.

I don't know what the answer is, and I'm not prepared enough to discuss gun control or mental health needs, although those things certainly must be part of the solution.

What I do know is that I want to do something.  I don't want to just talk about it or debate it anymore,  because enough of that has been going on, and as shown by the statistics above, it's obviously not doing any good. 

I don't want my boys to be afraid every day when they go to school, and I certainly don't want my someday grandchildren to experience the same thing. 

I want to know what I can do to stop the violence.


  1. I'm sorry for your trauma. It's scary. It's not fair. It makes one feel the urge to blame, enforce stronger gun laws, cause schools to be learning prisons and fear anyone who is different, upset or sad. It makes us hold our kids closer. The fact iis there are still more people in this world making good choices. More people are making the better choices. The lunch lady made a good choice. The kids who took cover and warned others made good choices. The people who did not turn this into a blaming vigil made good choices. The first person to reach out to the shooters family made good choices. The people who know no one involved but adjusted their lives for those who did without question made good choices. Just by you at least blogging about it despite it being a static discussion made a good choice. Thank you for being open.

  2. It's always scary to hear this... it can happen anywhere! You think you a living in a quiet neighborhood, you do not lock your doors, you do no lock your car... and then one day some guy (or girl) goes nuts and shoot....

  3. Keep an open discussion without having to be prepared is doing something. "What I do know is that I want to do something. I don't want to just talk about it or debate it anymore, because enough of that has been going on, and as shown by the statistics above, it's obviously not doing any good."

  4. What a somber post, and it's so sad that it was timely yet again. When I was in school, Earthquakes or a raid from a foreign country were the only fears talked about, and even then only occasionally did we have a drill for it. The unknown, twisted emotions bubbling inside humans are far worse than any natural disaster. I'm so sorry this happened in your town.

  5. My thoughts have been with everyone in your town since yesterday. Such a tragic event. I know how hard this post must have been to write - and I wish so much that it had not been necessary.

  6. It is all so very heartbreaking and senseless. My heart goes out to all those that were effected.

  7. Ohh.. that is so sad what they said. What they have to say in this day and age. My kids have no idea about school shootings.. yet. They will, though.

  8. I so sorry that your town will now be known as one of those towns. It is such a shame and it breaks my heart each and every time. I remember crying for days and days when the tragedy at Sandyhook happened just like I did for every other school shooting. I just don't understand it but it terrifies me for your children and my grandchildren, for all children period. It used to be people would get into a fight and it was over with in a day. While it was never the answer it didn't have the consequences that today's shootings cause. A guy would punch each other in the nose, they might get the alternative room for a few days and they would come out friends again. The ways in which these children get their hands on these guns just shocks me. I don't understand it. I will continue to pray for your town and when you figure out what we can do let me know because I'm right with you sister!


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