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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Style Me Blogger Gifts

The Style Me Bloggers did a "secret santa" gift exchange, and today is the big reveal. I got home from vacation and found a festive package from the lovely Joy who blogs at Quilty Joy Joy.  We were supposed to send a gift that represents the region we live in - and guess what?  Joy lives 45 minutes from me.  So funny.

My package was full of wonderful goodies.  Almond Roca is one of my favorite candies, and Joy told me that she used to work there!  I'm a scarf fanatic, and the colors of this one from Juicy Couture are so pretty.  The Seahawks ornament was a big hit of course, and I love the metal peace sign. Thank you so much Joy!

In this season of giving and gratefulness, my fellow Style Me Bloggers and I decided to write a special thank you to Alison of Get Your Pretty On, because honestly, none of us would know each other if it weren't for her.  Alison has given me many gifts this year, and I'd like to return the favor by sharing what she has done for me!

In March, before I even started my blog, I sent Alison an email telling her how much I liked her site and that I was thinking about starting a blog of my own.  She was so encouraging, and when I wrote my original post, she was one of the first people to visit and leave a comment.  Having such an established blogger support me was a huge inspiration to keep going.

As I participated in each of her Style Me Pretty Challenges this year, my confidence in my appearance grew.  Since I work from home, I had fallen into a yoga pants rut.  Not only did Alison challenge me to start wearing real clothes again, she convinced me to try new things - white jeans, leopard print, and maxi skirts are a few that come to mind.  I had never tried pattern mixing before, and now I can do it like a pro!  My husband is definitely appreciative, and I feel so much better about myself when I make an effort to get dressed in pretty outfits.

Finally, Alison has given me a whole new group of wonderful friends.  My fellow Style Me Bloggers are the most amazing group of women - kind, supportive, smart and fun. We have bonded over our shared interests, which of course includes fashion!  I'm so thankful to have them in my life, and without Alison's Style Me Pretty Challenges, we probably never would have met.

Thank you, Alison, for your encouragement, inspiration and great fashion sense.  You are a beautiful woman both inside and out, and I look forward to many more Style Challenges!

I wanted to share one more thank you today.  I also participated in a Blogger scarf exchange, but due to some miscommunication, I never received my scarf.  When my wonderful friend Deena found out, she sent me two scarves from her personal collection. She felt bad and didn't want me to miss out.  That's true friendship right there, and I was so touched by her kindness.  Plus, she has impeccable taste, so you know the scarves are fabulous!

So we come full circle.  If not for Alison, I wouldn't have met Deena or Joy or Carrie or Shaunacey or Leslie, and I wouldn't have this thankfulness post to share with you today. It all makes me feel so blessed and joyful, and isn't that the spirit of Christmas?

Visit the other Style Me Bloggers to see their secret santa gifts!


  1. Aww, Lana! You should've issued a mascara alert on this one. Glad I have plenty of tissues on hand. It has been MY pleasure getting to know you better this year. I'm so happy that you decided to join the challenges. You ladies have been such a blessing to me this year! I have so much to be thankful for. All the best to you and yours in 2015!

    1. Thanks Alison - you have given me so much inspiration!

  2. I am soo grateful I "met" you and then I really met you. Can't wait to see you again some day.

  3. I've already read a post about this idea and now I'm reading another wonderful story!!! Sharing that you made me feel great and envious! Great because I imaging the smile and curiosity and excitement when you open the box!!! And I wish I could be a part of this fun!!!

  4. What a wonderful and happy post! I've been reading Alison's blog too now, thanks to you. I'm too inconsistent of a blogger (trying to work on that) to do the challenges, plus no time in the morning to stop and take a picture before work...but I do enjoy reading them and learning the fashion tips. And your scarves are lovely.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you found Alison's blog - it's fun to read. There are lots of women who do the challenges and don't blog at all!


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