My New Happy: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Monday, December 29, 2014

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

My hubby and I have never been big party people.  Years ago we discovered that the ski resorts are not busy on New Year's Eve, so we've made it a yearly tradition to hit the slopes instead.

Every year since college we've headed up in the late afternoon, just as most skiers are leaving for the day.  There's something magical about an almost empty ski run, with fresh snow sparkling in the lights.

Nowhere else reminds me quite as much how my boys have grown.  When we first taught them to ski, they were just little guys snowplowing down the bunny hill.  Now I couldn't keep up with them if my life depended on it - and trust me, I don't even try. There's no time for mama to have a broken leg.

However, this will be the first time in over 25 years that we won't be skiing on New Year's Eve.  C has plans with friends, my parents are still visiting, and there hasn't been a good snowfall in the mountains yet.

Instead we'll probably head to my sister's house for food, games, and the countdown to 2015.  It will be lots of fun, and certainly warmer, but I'm going to miss those magical slopes.

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?


  1. I have not skied in years. Night skiing on NYE sounds like a fun tradition but staying warm and playing games sounds even better! Have a Happy New Year!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Lana... I've never skied... I don't have the greatest balance.. :-)

    I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year... I hope it's a wonderful one ♡

  3. Great photos! We have actually never skiied on New Year's eve ... even though our local hill usually hosts a New Year's party.
    My son drove himself to Big Sky to meet up with friends this morning. Just got a text that he is there. I can stop worrying about the driving conditions in the canyon!
    An evening at your sister's sounds fun!

  4. We have skied New year's Day and It is quite early in the day too. New traditions!

  5. What a great tradition! We celebrate Christmas with my family every other New Years...this year is the year.

  6. I used to have a similar tradition to visiting my best friend in LA and we are skiing in Big Bear mountains till lately my husband develop his fear of broken his leg again :) ... now we trying to avoid the skiing ... but I miss it a lot! Have a wonderful New year celebration with family and friends!!!Cheers!

  7. Perfect way to bring in a new year, I think.
    We do something with 2-3 other families every year. It becomes a big foodie showdown.. This year it's only three families and we're not hosting but it should be special.

  8. I am spending New Years driving 12 hours so New Year's Eve we will be going to bed early to get up at 4 am. That way we should get home about 5 or 6 pm. Hubby is off from the 1st until he goes back on the 5th so we'll be spending some time with the babies of course!

  9. I love the thrill of New Year’s Eve planning! This year I’m not just brainstorming fun party ideas, but I’m also coming up with some interesting law dissertation ideas. Mixing the holiday spirit with academic goals adds a bit of a twist to my end-of-year thoughts.


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