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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pay It Forward

At my house, we're still celebrating the mind boggling, come from behind victory that our Seattle Seahawks pulled out on Sunday.  It's being called miraculous and astounding - which is a bit over the top, if you ask me.  After all, it is just a football game.  However, if you know anything about this group of men, it's actually not that surprising, and I will be writing more about that later this week.

What is remarkable is the kindness of some of the Seahawks fans. 

Before the playoff game against the Carolina Panthers a few weeks ago, a woman named Barbara, who had been a season ticket holder for 25 years, learned of a very sad story. Two young men, ages 19 and 16, had lost their father to a heart attack on Christmas Eve. Their mother had died of cancer six years ago.  Barbara contacted them and offered them her tickets to the big game.  An act of kindness that was very much appreciated by the grieving boys.

And then another fan decided to pay her kindness forward.  Steve, who was in possession of four tickets, reached Barbara and offered to take her and her son to the playoff game. Sort of a reverse pay it forward, but everyone was happy in the end.

Stories like that make my heart smile.

Thanks to a great idea by a few blogging friends, I'm hoping to spread a little happiness this year too.  Started by Carol Cassara, who passed it on to Rena at The Diary Of An Alzheimer's Caregiver, they each chose five people to send a "kindness package" to sometime during 2015.  And lucky me, I am one of Rena's five!

So now it's my turn.  I will randomly pick five people from the comments today, and sometime during the year I will send a special something to you.  It could be a note, a treat, or a fun momento from the Seattle area.  The catch?  Those chosen will have to do the same on their blog or social media accounts.

This is such a fun way to spread a little kindness this year.  If you'd like to play along, please leave a comment below, and include your email address so I can reach you if you're chosen.  I'll announce the winners in a few days.

In the meantime.....go Seahawks!


  1. I cannot believe the outcome of that game! It is the most talked about event of the weekend around these parts. I love the story of the 12th man giving and paying forward. The fans are such a huge part of the Seahawks. A kindness package is such a lovely idea :)

  2. Love it! Made my heart smile as I read this at lunch today. Kindness seems like such a small thing yet it is BIG and when practiced, people are blessed on both sides of the spectrum. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I loved that story on kindness! We like to play little kindness games from time to time in our family. I confess that I know nothing about the football game though. Sports is just not something I follow. Thanks for sharing this story!

  4. This is so cool! I love that stories like this can get out because of the internet and social media.

  5. What an awesome game!! We were screaming in my house! Much deserved!! And thank you for sharing these sweet stories! I had no idea! They make my heart so happy!! I am planning on reading the story Pay it Forward (YA novel) with my students in the library this Spring!

  6. I love how this ripple has begun to spread!
    am also one of Rena's lucky winners, and will be publishing my post about it later this week. What heartwarming stories of kindness in Seattle; you really did a nice job writing this. I'm glad your Seahawks won! :)

  7. I really love this message. Kindness and love combat EVERYTHING. I remember once I was having an anxiety attack so I just got really kind and in tune with the people around me. Worked faster than anything else ever.


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