My New Happy: Teens And Cardiac Arrest - Part III

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Teens And Cardiac Arrest - Part III

Waiting for the torture to begin!

I'm having a "blog interruption" today due to my teeth.  There's a bunch of trouble going on in my mouth, and yesterday my dentist replaced a crown. All was going well until the novocaine wore off, right in the middle of a date night movie with my husband.  Needless to say, I came home, took some advil, and went straight to bed.

So today I'm re-running, for the third time, this post about teens and cardiac arrest.  Spring sports are just getting started, and this is such an important message for the teens in your life. Please get their hearts checked!

Teens and cardiac arrest.  Those words shouldn't be in the same sentence.  

Unfortunately, sudden heart failure is the leading cause of death in teen athletes.  It's estimated that a young athlete suffers cardiac arrest every three days in the U.S.

Sudden cardiac arrest usually occurs during or right after exercise and there are no warning symptoms.  The heart stops pumping adequately and the child loses consciousness.  Unless a normal heart rhythm can be restored quickly, death will follow.

Scary stuff.  Tragically, these deaths are preventable in most cases.  A simple heart health screening, which involves a medical history and an ECG, will detect most cardiac abnormalities.  If there is an issue, it can be addressed before it turns deadly.

Both of my boys are athletes, but I had no idea about this until a young man in our community died  suddenly after a football game.  His mother formed The Nick of Time Foundation, a wonderful organization that provides heart health screenings at local schools and helps to educate the community about this problem.

C and T have both been screened, and it only took thirty minutes from start to finish. Your child's doctor can perform the ECG or give you a referral to a cardiac specialist.

Mandatory heart health screenings should be included in every sports physical before a student can participate.  It makes sense to be sure their hearts are capable of strenuous activity.  

So many of the things that can hurt our teens are out of our control.  But this isn't one of them. And no parent should have to suffer the loss that Nick's mother did after that football game.


  1. Lana... I've read similar stories... I think it's so important to have your children tested for this... how sad for Nicks mother :'(

    I hope you are feeling better soon and that your teeth won't be in pain ♡

    1. I'm so passionate about this message. Such a simple test and it can save so much heartache!

  2. Hi Lana, I'll be praying for Nick's momma! What a horrible loss! I'll also pray for you and your tooth!

  3. Lana, this information cannot be emphasized enough. Thank you for spreading the word. Feeling the pain of Nick's mother and too many parents with similar stories. Hoping you feel better soon too.

    1. Thanks Susan. I feel like I need to share it with each new sports season.

  4. I'm so glad people are taking this issue more seriously and having kids checked out. As for you, I hope you're feeling better, mouth pain is awful!

  5. This is so important, I think it's okay to post it several times, especially as we kick off spring sports! I hope you are feeling better and not in too much pain!

    Doused In Pink

  6. Terrific information although I am very sorry about your teeth! That sounds so painful!!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  7. hope you feel better soon. great read! a topic that deserves more headline

  8. I had to get an ECG because of my family's history! It was long but rather calming. Definitely took 30 minutes. I think I would have brought a book or something but they told me just to rest.
    Such an important thing.

    1. It's so important and so easy. People just need to be aware.


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