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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Style Trend: Florals

As per my usual, I took a really long time to jump on the floral trend.  It looked lovely on everyone else, but I was sure I would look like my grandma's old couch.

However, I found this lightweight floral pull over at Loft a few months ago, I really like the print - and I'm pretty sure I don't look like a couch!

In other news, it's time to sign up for the Summer Style Challenge at Get Your Pretty On. Early bird registration is open through tomorrow, the shopping list will be released on June 5th, and the 21 outfits start on June 14th.  I love this preview outfit - so bright and summery!

**In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means I will get a commission if you decide to join the challenge.  I only recommend products and programs that I use and love myself, so I know you'll be in good hands!**

Next Wednesday I'll be linking up with Deena from Shoes To Shiraz and Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe to share our May month in review, and I hope you'll join us.  I'm leaving for New York City in a few days for my cousin's weekend trip, so hopefully I'll have some Big Apple style to share.  I'll be posting lots of pictures on Instagram if you want to follow along!

Finally, this Friday the Style Me Bloggers will be back with "This Place I Call Home: Show Us Your City".  It's going to be a fun one - hope you'll link up!

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  1. Your floral top is super cute! Have a fun trip in NY! Looking forward to seeing your IG pic's!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I'm a little late jumping on certain fashion band wagons, too, Lana! Enjoy your trip to NY! You will love it! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. Have fun in NY! Patti is there right now from Not Dead Yet too!


    1. I read that on her blog, and left her a comment that maybe we might run into each other - ha!

  4. New York City how exciting! I can't wait to see the pics! Have a great time! Love the floral top by the way and it doesn't make you look like your grandma's couch!

    1. Thanks Rena! If you could have seen my grandma's couch, you'd know why I was worried!

  5. I went to NYC last summer and LOVED it. Enjoy your trip! That floral blouse is so pretty in the blue color! Floral is so popular right now!


  6. Great blouse Lana. And gow fun about New York!

  7. What a lovely blouse, I really like color and that beautiful floral print.


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