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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Love And Hate

I was tagged by the lovely Deena to share ten things I love and ten things I hate.  Normally I would obsess over these lists to come up with just the right balance to express myself.  But I had to attend a really boring meeting Thursday night, so instead of paying attention, I spent my time writing down the first 20 things that came to mind.

Without further ado, ten things I love:

Basketball.  It's my very favorite sport, and I could shoot hoops for hours.  I couldn't get either one of my boys to play, which causes me great sorrow.

Sleeping with the windows open in the summer.  The fresh air, a slight breeze, and birds chirping in the morning.  Lovely.

Girls weekends.  I love the three men in my life more than anything, but sometimes it's so nice to get away and not have to worry about who needs to eat, where their underwear is, or if they're grumpy tired.

Yes, there are a few guys in this photo.  But they don't belong to me, so whoo-hoo!

Doing laundry.  There's something so satisfying about putting away fresh, clean laundry.  I even like folding other people's laundry.  I know, it's weird.

Walking.  Ideally, I would love to live someplace where I didn't have to own a car.  I do my best thinking when I'm walking.

Road trips.  Which is kind of contradictory to my prior love.  I guess I'd still need my car so I could drive somewhere fun to walk around.  I love to explore new places.

Sitting outside on my deck with a book and a Diet Coke.  This is something I need to do more often.  And no Kindle for me - I love the smell of a new book and the satisfaction of turning the pages.

Kind people.  We need more of them in the world.

Saturday morning.  There's so much promise for the weekend ahead.  Plus, I usually get to sleep in and wake up to one of my husband's delicious breakfasts.

My planner.  Or as I like to refer to it, my brain.  It's pretty and I love to write in it. Everything is in there, and if I ever lose it, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to function.

And the things I hate:

Trying on clothes.  I love to BUY clothes, it's the getting undressed and trying them on that annoys me.  I'm constantly returning things because they don't fit.

Missing things.  I'm stealing this one from Deena, because it describes me perfectly.  I wear myself out sometimes because I don't want to say no to anything.

Yardwork.  WHY do we keep buying houses with huge yards and tons of maintenance?  It does look pretty when it's done though.

Going to the dentist.  I would rather give birth to twenty babies than get dental work done. Unfortunately, there are many trips in my near future.  Sigh.

Dishonesty.  The few times my boys have been in big trouble, it's because they lied to me about something.  That makes me way more mad than whatever it is they did in the first place.  Just be honest about it.

Cooking.  If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I'm doing is hiring a chef.  The whole getting-everything-ready-at-the-same-time thing eludes me.  Thank goodness my husband is such a good cook, or our children would have grown up on pasta and grilled cheese.

Anything spa related.  I'm the only woman I know who doesn't like massages, pedicures or facials.  I hope we can still be friends!

Being cold.  There are two months a year when I'm not constantly freezing. July and August. At the same time, my Norwegian heritage husband is miserable from the heat. Because I love him so much, I finally broke down and let him get an AC unit for our bedroom.  I've already unpacked my flannel pj's.

Taking care of my hair.  It takes so much time to maintain long, color treated hair.  Oh yes, it will be short again someday.  I'm also hopeless with pony tails, braids and buns.  The second thing I'm getting when I win the lottery is a stylist who does my hair every day.

Mean people.  I don't understand them and I definitely don't want to be around them.  Ever.

Thanks Deena, that was fun!  I tag the following people - can't wait to see what you love and hate.

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  1. Gah I hate trying on clothes! Fun house mirrors exist in dressing rooms I swear!

  2. I was just reading your list and thinking what a good job you did of it and how I'd have no idea where to start........and then I saw my name on your tagged list! Now I'll have to go and do some thinking over the weekend :) Thanks for thinking of me x

  3. Ha! Your comment on the selfie about the guys not belonging to you cracked me up! I'm a diet coke drinkin' girl, too, but I gotta have my massages and pedicures! Keep those windows open and enjoy the fresh air because I SO wish I could here in Louisiana!!

  4. haha, I love this! First off, I'm totally stealing that picture at the beginning for when I do my love/hate post next week :) Yes to real books, we are going to be the last two people that get kindles! I just love the smell of books and turning the pages of a real book. :) I really hate yard work would rather do anything else other than yard work. Yes to having a chef and a hair stylist and I"m going to throw in make-up artist/stylist so I can have that overall I woke up like this, threw my hair up type of look, haha.

  5. I'm loving the AC unit thing. As you know, we have our struggles. I hate being cold but being hot is pretty hard too. They both suck!
    I love sleeping with my window open, despite my central air love. Our overnights are sometimes in the 50's even in the summer so no need to crank the air.

  6. We must be sisters, Sister! I could have claimed every single one of these, including the folding laundry for other people and a Husby who cooks and dies of heat while I freeze!

  7. I also hate trying on clothes, going to the dentist and cooking!!

  8. I think that writing what first comes to mind is probably the best - and most authentic way of doing this Lana. Although we agree on many things, I do not share your love for the sport of basketball! Thank you for naming me, and my post will be up in a week or two :)

  9. no spa, hey?? I guess that means more time for shopping when we hang out next!

  10. OMG! I can't believe that we are almost like twins! I always say I'm hiring a chef as soon as I get rich! I hate cooking because I can never get it all done at the same time! People who can pull off things like amaze me...and scare me a little haha! I always either burn myself or cut myself! I have never been to a spa, had a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial any of the above. I don't want strangers touching me it just keeps me out and my feet, oh hell no! I don't freeze though I'm always hot but I live in an oven! Even you would probably be hot down here! 103 to 105 with the heat index for the last 2 weeks! I need to start putting ice cubes in my bra! I suck at doing my hair. I can do a pony tail...but that's it. I desperately need to recolor I've let it go since March just out of curiosity. The whole top of my head is white! I looks like somebody is holding a flashlight above me. Will be fixing that soon...I've been lazy and the kidney stones have not helped!

    1. Didn't even realize you had tagged me YIKES! Haha! I should just copy and paste yours basically no I will do it on Tuesday this week!

  11. I loved reading this! Thanks for the tag! I'm with you on the trying on clothes thing! I prefer online shopping so I can try on at home. I also love sitting on the front porch with a good book!

    Doused In Pink

  12. I admire your list, Lana. I really love that you included kindness as one of the things you love and meanness / mean ppl for hate. I completely agree with that. This is such a fun post! You and Susan F have such great lists! It's a challenge to top them now ;-) Thanks for sharing your loves and hates :-))

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