My New Happy: How To Pack For Vacation - Part 2

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To Pack For Vacation - Part 2

It's a year later and I'm still not any better at packing!


Normally I write a fashion post on Wednesdays.  However, since I'm on vacation this week, my wardrobe consists of bathing suits and flip flops.  Nobody wants to see that.

I am terrible at packing.  I always bring too much, forget something important, and vow to do better next time. So, I found some bloggers who are great at packing, and I thought I'd share their ideas with you today.

Alison from Get Your Pretty On made a Ten Day Summer Vacation Packing List that is genius. She took fourteen pieces and combined them into different outfits for a ten day summer vacation.  Alison also shared that she puts outfits together and takes pictures of them with her phone before she packs them, so she can easily pull together what she wants to wear each day.  If only I were that organized!

If you're heading to Disney or another destination that requires lots of walking, you'll want to read What To Wear To Disney World from Jo-Lynne at Musings of A Housewife.  Not only does she have great packing tips, she shares some footwear finds that are both comfortable and stylish.

Finally, Connie from Refinery 29 has the best article to help you Travel Like A Minimalist. She shares seven tips to fit everything you need on a vacation into a carry-on size suitcase.  I would love to have her help me pack for my next trip that requires air travel.

The only thing that keeps my suitcase from looking like a wrinkled mess are these little gems that I found at Ikea.  I wrote about them a few months ago, and they are so helpful for keeping things organized.  I bought one set but I think I might need more.

Confession time....I didn't use a single one of these tips.  As usual, I had too much to do, wasn't organized, and ended up throwing everything into suitcases and bins for my husband to pack into the car.  However, I'm going to pin my own post, and I vow to do better next time....


  1. I always pin packing tips, refer to them and then keep adding things to my suitcase too. We are heading on a trip this coming weekend and I'm going to try again to not overpack! Those Ikea organizers look great!

    Doused In Pink

  2. LOL! I hope you're having fun!!! I just started the "capsule" not overpacking thing for my 10 day trip this summer and it totally worked!!!! I was totally minimalist and could have packed everything into a backpack! (but then I had my shoes and makeup...) XO

  3. Lmao.
    My husband is REALLY good at packing. He rolls everything, like a perfect little Marine.
    Me? I'm like tossing it all in. Hahaha.

  4. I generally just shove clothes into a suitcase and hope for the best.

  5. I am a master at fitting a maximum amount of stuff into a suitcase - but then it is a pain to deal with during the whole trip. I usually have a moment of clarity as soon as I arrive, and realize I really didn't need half the stuff I brought. Why can't that happen BEFORE I leave?
    I am checking out all of these links again!
    Have fun Lana!

  6. I need this because I'm not great at packing! I would love to be better at it.


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