My New Happy: July Gratitude In Numbers

Friday, July 31, 2015

July Gratitude In Numbers

I'm linking up again with my blogging bestie Deena at Shoes To Shiraz.  Here's what I'm grateful for in July, in numbers...

--29 Schafers, all gathered together.  I wrote about my family reunion last week, but I'm so grateful that we all take the time once a year to visit and catch up.  There's nothing as important as family.

--1 successful wisdom tooth extraction.  Poor T.  His jawbone was so strong (thanks to lots of exercise, according to the surgeon), that getting his teeth out was extra difficult.  T was very swollen and sore for a week, but he's all better now.  Sadly, he's no longer wise, but at least his remaining teeth will stay straight!

--3 amazing doctors, 2 types of insurance, and several treatment plans. When my mom broke her arm while camping, we were in Oregon.  She lives in Arizona, and now is staying with me in Washington while she heals.  Sort of tricky for the medical people who have been treating her. But all three doctors have been kind, informative, and very helpful. It's been a little confusing, but we're all on the same page now.  And the best surgery.

A funny side story:  my 97 year old Grandpa Ed was the person to find my mom after she fell, fifteen minutes later.  Instead of immediately heading off to get help, he looked down at her and said "and everyone thought it would be me". Very helpful, grandpa.

--1 best friend, who has rescued a gazillion dogs.  I love this lady, and I'm so grateful to call her a friend.  Her non-profit organization has found homes for hundreds of puppies and old dogs.  She's a true hero in the animal rescue world.

--10 members of my family, one beach house, and all ten of my toes in the sand.  I'm probably looking at this right now, and I couldn't be more grateful.

I hope you find what you are grateful for this month.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like you are having a fabulous summer!

  2. How beautiful Lana! Poor guy, my son had his out in June, lil rough but he made it. :-) Soak up every precious moment!!

  3. I love gratitude posts Lana... enjoy all your time at the beach. I'm happy to hear your mom is recovering nicely xox

  4. I've been meaning to make a habit of counting gratitudes. I heard a TED talk by a Harvard happiness researcher on how beneficial it is. You've inspired me :)

  5. I love reading your gratitude posts! You are having an amazing summer!

    Doused In Pink

  6. That story about Grandpa Ed.. so funny! I hope your mom heals fast. It can be tricky the older you get but I'm glad she's with you while healing.

  7. I'll be so glad when you get home to STAY haha! I hope you are having a great time. I've been thinking of T and the puzzle all week.

  8. I love this post Lana. Hope your mom is healing, and glad that she can be with you. Your Grandpa Ed sounds like someone I would love to meet! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  9. yay for being grateful and for vacation!
    I hated getting my wisdom teeth out, glad he's on the road to recovery

  10. So hard for your mom and T with their issues this month but I know your kindness and loved has blessed them, my friend! What a sweet best friend you have and that is a real blessing!

  11. Big hugs to your BFF for the wonderful work she does rescuing pups. And what a miracle that the medical community and health insurance companies have all worked together to treat your mama. Nice that she is able to stay with you while she recovers. Enjoy the time together.


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