My New Happy: Summer Eats And Go To Treats

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Eats And Go To Treats

It's time for another Style Me Bloggers link up.  Today we're sharing our summer eats and go to treats, and I can't wait to see everyone's yummy recipes.

At our house, summer is all about grilling - especially this year with the heat and lack of air conditioning.  Nobody wants to turn on the oven.

My husband is famous for his delicious grilled salmon.  Even though G wasn't able to go to Alaska this year, my brother has a boat and keeps us well stocked with fresh fish.  This recipe is so simple, and if you follow the cooking time, turns out perfectly moist salmon.

If we're having a BBQ, you can be sure Mom's Baked Beans will be served. These are even better the next day!

And finally, my very own Grilled Chocolate and Orange Marmalade S'mores. You can substitute any kind of jam on these, and cook them up right on the grill for dessert.  So yummy!

Be sure to check out the other Style Me Bloggers for some great summer eats ideas, and link up with us below!


  1. Yum, grilled salmon. I'll trade your brother some gophers for salmon?

  2. Thanks Lana for sharing the nice recipes and for the link up. I linked my grilled corn recipe. Have a nice weekend.
    Julie xo

  3. I remember all three of these recipes from when you posted them before Lana. It may not be the most organized method on Pinterest, but I just pinned all three again- so they would be closer to the top of my boards when I go looking for them!

  4. Mm.. I love salmon and I love baked beans so much!
    And the s'mores seem so interesting. I love all the awesome variations of s'mores.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. All the perfect "eats" for summer! You can't have a picnic without baked beans.

    Daily Style Finds

  6. Ha! So glad to read your grilled chocolate and preserves recipe! I had forgotten I have Nutella in the pantry. Hid it from myself because although I have never bought it before, I know I will want to eat the entire jar in one sitting. Maybe I can make some of your s'mores and make the Nutella go farther. Just starting to fix salmon, too. PC won't eat it, though, so it is a cheeseburger or fish sticks for him. Pretty pics, Lana!

  7. Seriously with those s'mores!! YUM!! And you know salmon is one of my faves!!

  8. Chocolate and orange smores sound GREAT!!

  9. I've never been a fan of salmon unless it's grilled and then it's pretty good. Still not one of my favorite foods. I do love fish though. I love catfish that is my favorite. I don't know how you survive without air! Our went out for 2 days and I thought I was dying!


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