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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I Interrupt This Blog For A Little Break

Just a little break.  And not a total break.

When my boys were babies, it felt like I had no time for myself.  And then they grew, and that time got even more precious.  But then they got a little older, and I found myself able to focus on me a bit more.  Now they're almost full grown - and this school year is kicking my butt again.

I think it's both physical and mental.  There are so many things to do to help T prepare for college next year.  C will be graduating from his program in June, and we're helping him decide what the next step will be.  It's mind boggling some days.  And emotionally, I know we're counting down the moments until everything changes. This time next year, day to day life will look completely different.  Not worse, just different.

On top of that, I'm still taking care of my mom.  With the improving economy, our company is very busy, and I'm working more hours.  I feel like I wake up in the morning, blink, and crawl back into bed again at night.

The blog is definitely suffering.  My goal is to write something every day, because I want to become a better writer.  The best way to do that is practice. But I feel like some days I'm throwing a post up just because I'm supposed to. I value every single person who comes here and takes the time to read, and I want that to be time well spent.  There are so many things I want to write about, but I want to do it better.

I'm not going away completely, but for now I'll be cutting down on my posting schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Friday is the plan, although if I have something I really need to say, it might show up on a Tuesday or Thursday.

So much will be changing in my life over the next ten months.  I want to slow down and enjoy the time.  And when you visit here, during your equally busy days, I want you to feel it was worthwhile.


  1. I totally get the need to find your space and to not let your blog overwhelm your time Lana - it's great while it's fun but you don't want it to become a chore. I'll look forward to your M, W, F posts - mine will probably head that way too as the year progresses. Enjoy your extra free time x

  2. Yeah, just post a few days a week! I don't know how you folks post everyday. It's so difficult for me to come up with topics, write, edit, etc.
    Taking a break is good for the soul!!

  3. Cutting back is a good way to take a break. You should not feel like you have to post. Enjoy your time with your family!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I've cut back and I am enjoying it much more. I think you might find you prefer blogging a bit less.


  5. I'll be here to love and support you friend. Take your time and much needed break.

  6. I totally understand Lana... I have been thinking a similar thing... I only post weekly and even though I love writing, need to write... I find I am overwhelmed sometimes.. Take the time you need, we will be here xox

  7. I'm getting myself ready to do the same exact thing. I have one or two more sponsored posts and then that is going to be it until after the holidays. This is your last year to enjoy T at home full time and if you don't slow down now you will definitely regret it later. Just don't leave us altogether!

  8. Posting 3 times a week is still quite a bit and VERY admirable!

  9. Senior year is so busy and goes so fast! I'm watching a senior boy go through the college process and it's time consuming. Enjoy your break!

  10. Sometimes breaks are needed. I hope it helps for you!

  11. Three times a week is still a lot! Do it! I'll look forward to your posts!

  12. Cutting back is important. I have done that and then increased and now I'm all over the place!
    Many blessings to your mom and you.

  13. I've always been in awe of how much you post because of how busy you must be. I think you need to do what you need to do. I had always hoped to post a ton but have never been able to find the time. Too many other things.
    Hope you're finding some you time! xo

  14. Totally feel you my friend. I am cutting back a bit as well. I love it and it's fun but yes, other things come first!! Enjoy!! XOXOXO

  15. I laughed when I read this Lana, as my post on the very same morning was about not being caught up with blogging! Once again, we seem at the same point in our blogging journey! (Of note - I am getting caught up tonight with a full week of your posts - and your blog is usually the first thing I read every day!)
    This last year before empty nest is a busy one, and we do deserve to enjoy every minute of it. I think your new posting schedule is a really good idea - although I will miss your daily posts!


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