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Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Randomness

A little Friday randomness as you head into the weekend...

--Frosted sugar cookies are my favorite treat during the holidays.  I've always used my grandmother's recipe, and while the cookies turn out delicious, they take forever to make.  I do not have forever this year.  Luckily, I found two recipes that look easy and really yummy. The first is from my friend Susan at the most -- of every moment, and it also includes a frosting recipe.  The second one, from Katrina's Kitchen is intriguing because the dough doesn't have to be refrigerated.  Which means less time, which = bonus.  

--Everything old will eventually be new again.  Which is why I have such a hard time getting rid of clothes from my closet.  

I've had these duck boots since college, and other than a yearly trip to the pumpkin patch, I never wore them.  But they're back in style!  As is this fuzzy Fair Isle sweater from Loft, which also looks like something I wore in the 80's. Can't you just hear Wham singing in the background?

--Which reminds me.  If you need a laugh, pull up old 80's music videos on You Tube.  A few weeks ago my son was listening to a-ha, so I showed him their iconic "Take On Me" video. That led us down the rabbit hole, and two hours later we re-surfaced.  Let's just say there were some REALLY bad videos back in the day.  But it was "totally" entertaining.

--Last weekend was the annual Jingle Bell Run in Seattle, and this year C decided to join his brother and run the 5k.  It was a rainy, windy day but we were all in a festive, holiday mood.

I was so proud of my boys.  T took 9th place out of an estimated 10,000 runners, and C did the 5k in 24 minutes, which was a huge personal best for him.  I, on the other hand, watched from the sidelines with a yummy hot chocolate!

--One of my tasks this weekend is to wrap presents.  While I enjoy gift giving, I really don't like the wrapping part.  But if I did, I might try a few ideas from the HGTV List of 45 Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas.  Some of the packages are works of art.  My family is lucky if I slap a bow on the top.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your fair isle sweater and duck boots is such a cute, preppy look! Those 80's videos are so bad but at the time, I would watch them for hours! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I can't believe those are "old" pieces! Crazy. You should definitely keep a closet of up-cycled pieces that can work now. And then call them vintage!
    Shoes to Shiraz

  3. Love your loves Lana!!! Yay in the 5k!!! Cute outfit and oh yeah Duck boots back baby!! Hope your weekend is Merry and festive!!

  4. My gift wrapping skills blow too. I'm always envious of people with extravagantly wrapped gifts. It's so bougee. #bougeeenvy

  5. OMG! Wrapping gifts is my least favorite part too! I'm all about gift bags now.

  6. Ha! I used to have that sweater. Same color and everything. I really want a pair of those boots! I love those. I hate gift wrapping, but I have it done. I have two small gifts to buy and stocking stuff. I want to catch up with you so I'm going to email you in a few minutes. I'm headed to Blended Blog and Susan's next. I need those cookies in my life right now. I don't like chocolate so we had a bakery back home that made the best icing sugar cookies and hubby used to stop and pick some up for me on his way home from work. I can taste them now!

  7. I personally have to invest in some duck boats as they seem so versatile for the rain, snow, cold, etc, not to mention cute. Great outfit.
    Rachel xo

  8. the Wham comment!! And you look fabulous!! Everything old is new again!! Congrats to the boys!! Hope your weekend has been great!!

  9. I don't like wrapping gifts either... I would prefer to put them all in gift bags or pay someone to wrap :-)

    I loved that Aha - Take on me video... it's a classic. There really were some bad ones in the 80's though xox

  10. Thanks so much for mentioning my cookie recipe here Lana. Everyone really likes them when we make them! Congrats to your boys - and I hope you are having a good weekend!

  11. I love HGTV. I also love your duck boots and that sweater.
    Lastly, I love frosted sugar cookies! The frosting makes all the difference! It really does! My MIL made some with Scarlet yesterday. So good.

  12. It is so funny how everything goes back in style eventually! I would have guessed those boots were new! :) You must be so proud of your boys, I am a runner and yes a 24 minute 5k is AWESOME!


  13. We do the frosted sugar cookies too. Love them!

  14. I always make my grandma's cookie recipes too but the one's you made look delicious. (I love sugar cookies too)! I kinda wish I had some duck boots but I know I would rarely wear them but so cute! Yay, for your boys. Amazing family you have, friend!


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