My New Happy: The Ugly & Not So Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Ugly & Not So Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Last week my son asked if I had an ugly Christmas sweater he could borrow for spirit week at school.  I showed him these two, but he said they weren't ugly enough.

Which is good news, because I love both of these sweaters and wear them often during the holidays.  You can't go wrong with a simple snowflake pattern, right?

I sent him off to search the thrift stores, but he came home empty handed. Once again, nothing was ugly enough. Clearly I should have gone with him, as I'm sure there were plenty of sweaters that fit the bill.

Anyway.  We ended up buying a kit, and he created his own. Which did turn out pretty ugly, but as per usual with my brain these days, I forgot to take a picture.  And then he left it at a friend's house, so we'll probably never see it again.  Sigh.

While researching the internet for ideas, we came across some interesting ugly sweater information.  It seems we have our Canadian friends to thank for creating the very first Ugly Sweater Christmas Party in the early 2000's. Held annually in Vancouver, the party has grown to over 1000 guests, all sharing their ugliest finds.

The phenomenon has crossed over into pop culture, and apparently December 18th was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.  I'm marking my calendar so I don't miss it next year.  There are several online stores devoted to the trend, including Shop Ugly Sweaters, which has quite a selection.  Even Beyonce got into the spirit.

However, as a huge fan of the movie A Christmas Storythis ugly sweater is my very favorite.  It's going on my must have list next year.  Or I might buy it for my brother, because I know he would wear it, which would be so amusing. And I'll remember to take a picture this time.


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  1. Bey!!!! She still looks fab. #shewokeuplikethat

  2. Those crazy Canucks. We can also be credited for the Canadian Tuxedo...aka. the denim on denim look.

  3. Ha ha! I saw loads of ugly Christmas sweaters at the thrift shops lately. I think they actually decorate them for Christmas as many of them had tinsel and full-on Christmas decorations glued to them. They were hideous.

    Too funny that Canadians started the trend. I will correct Deena though...the infamous "Canadian Tuxedo" is actually the original "Texas Tuxedo".


  4. I always wanted to have an ugly Christmas sweater party! So funny that the trend started in Canada! That last sweater is so funny!

    Doused In Pink

  5. I am not a huge sweater fan and I have seen some really ugly sweaters... we have a contest at work each year xox

  6. lol we used to attend a yearly ugly sweater party, so much fun!!!!

    I love the snowflake sweaters, pretty and festive without the cheesiness :)

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  7. haha, I agree. They're not ugly at all.
    I really love the Star Wars ugly sweaters.. but again.. not ugly at all. They're cool!

  8. I absolutely adore that black sweater with the white snowflakes. Is that a recent purchase? It is stunning.

  9. It makes me laught that now they sell make your own "ugly sweater kits" in stores! Your son should try to get his sweater back ... the ugly sweater party tradition seems like it will be around a while, and he will probably need it again next year!

  10. I'm with Susan! I can't believe that somebody is selling the kits that's hilariously genius! I'll have to mark my calendar for next year too.

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