My New Happy: What I'd Wear On New Year's Eve

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What I'd Wear On New Year's Eve

Happy New Year

We've never been big party people on New Year's Eve, so I haven't had need of an outfit like this one.  Honestly, there have been many years when I didn't even make it to Midnight, and I'm usually in my sweats.  

If I was going out to a fancy party, this is what I would wear.  My husband might keel over from shock, but I think I'd make quite an entrance. Especially since I'd be over 6 feet tall in those shoes.

This year we're heading to a friend's house to play games and eat yummy food, so it will be jeans and a sweater for me.

But a girl can dream, right?


Next Wednesday, I'll be starting a new series on the blog.  Over the holidays I took a critical eye to my closet, and realized that I could probably go several months and not wear the same thing more than once.  Maybe longer.  So beginning January 1st, I'm putting myself on another shopping ban.  I will be wearing something different every day, and taking pictures. Each week I'll post them here, and ask for some feedback.  Maybe you can help me get rid of some things that aren't working!


  1. This outfit is stunning and I'd love to wear something like that for a night out! We like to stay off the roads too and this year we are staying home and hanging out with family. Have a Happy New Year!

    Doused In Pink

  2. drop dead gorgeous in that outfit! I'm on the same page with my outfits....I went 3 months and still had some leftover. I need to downsize. Also, funny thing, all the things I want to get rid of are things I bought for the challenges. Ha.

  3. You would be so HOT is this outfit!

    We are off to a 1940's murder mystery dinner and dance for New Year's. I'll be wearing vintage and will be crossing my fingers that the roads stay clear. We had our first snow this week.

    Have a wonderful New Year!


  4. Great look! Happy New Year!

  5. I'd not get two steps in wearing those shoes. You are indeed blessed to be bunion free! Omg I sound like I'm 75. I'm not. I'd LOVE to step out in the outfit you chose. It's stunning.

  6. I'd not get two steps in wearing those shoes. You are indeed blessed to be bunion free! Omg I sound like I'm 75. I'm not. I'd LOVE to step out in the outfit you chose. It's stunning.

  7. This outfit is really pretty Lana... I am like you, I rarely get out for New Years and usually don't make it to midnight... sometimes I wake up to ring it in and go back to sleep... more often than not I sleep right through xox

  8. Happy New Year Lana looking forward to the new series. I've bought quite a few new pieces lately too. My problem is I buy them and then I never go anywhere lol! Hubby bought me some hot rollers I've been wanting for CHristmas, but I haven't used them yet. I've been so busy wait until you see what I've been up too! Soon!

  9. I think I managed jeans and a sweater for awhile, and then flannel pants! Ah, the perks of hosting at home.
    I can dream too, though. Of those fabulous things.

  10. I hope your holidays were wonderful first of all. I love how you decorated. I stopped by your blog a couple weeks ago, three days in a row but I was having a hard time sending a comment through. Hope this one goes.

    I love your dream outfit for NY Eve and I would wear it in a heartbeat, especially since red is my favorite color. I want the dress, moto jacket and silver clutch.

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