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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What's In My Handbag

Today is the first installment of The Blended Blog's new "What's In My..." series, and the ladies are sharing the contents of their handbags.

Which sounds like so much fun, and I had every intention of participating in the link up.  Then I dumped out my purse, and was seriously underwhelmed.  And if my own handbag was boring to me, imagine what a snooze fest it would be for you guys.

Honestly, it contained my wallet, a chapstick, a pack of kleenex, and my "to go" bag for Invisalign.  I need to spice that handbag up.

However, I'm sure my fellow bloggers will have much more interesting handbag contents. Start the hop at The Blended Blog, then link up with us below.  Mark your calendars and come back July 5th for "What's In My..." junk drawer.  Now that will definitely be enlightening!


  1. I was excited for the prompt too but I barely have anything in my bag either besides my wallet, sunglasses and lipstick! Have a great day!

    Doused In Pink

  2. hahahah mine is super boring but I posted it anyways... should have thrown a wine bottle in there or something lol

  3. Yep joining the club.,mine is boring but used to be full of Legos abd fruit snacks although there is an occasional Dove chocolate that has become flattened!! Lol

  4. Hahaha. I'm one of the main posts today and MY bag is super boring too! I didn't realize it until I wrote the post. I would have done my teacher bag (which gets more use and probably is more interesting) but I already did that in January.

  5. haha, you're so funny. I find that the shear amount of things that I carry on a daily basis it quite wonder my shoulders hurt!

  6. Add some diapers and snacks and mine is just as lame!

  7. I think I would be terrified to finally clean mine up. I'm sure I have a receipt for ketchup or toilet paper from 2012 in there somewhere haha

  8. Mine is on the small side, so I have to keep it edited! Keys, cards, hand sanitizer, lip balm/gloss, mini "tool kit"= nail clippers,etc, sunnies, and a mirror.

  9. Mine was packed full of stuff from two weeks of travel! GROAN!!


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