My New Happy: What's In My...Junk Drawer

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What's In My...Junk Drawer

It's time for installment two of the What's In My.... series, so today I'm sharing the super exciting contents of my junk drawer.  I actually have many junk drawers around my house, but for the purposes of this reveal, I chose the one in my kitchen desk.  It may look fairly organized, but after pulling things out to photograph, I realized it clearly needs a serious overhaul.  Why do I even have most of this stuff?  

Apparently I'm good at organizing unnecessary, random items.  For example:

A hole punch, and not one, but two, pencil compasses.  Pretty sure these have not actually been removed from the junk drawer in many years.  Nobody uses a stopwatch anymore. Most likely the headphones don't work, because teenage boys don't throw things away, they leave them on the counter, and they end up in the junk drawer.  And that ipod is an antique. I could probably sell it on ebay for historical purposes.

More strange items.  The rabies tag that should probably be attached to my actual dog.  An old mail key?  I cannot remember the last time I used a tape measure.  Reminders of childhood past:  two shiny rocks, and a coin from "Ye Olde Curiosity Shop" in Seattle.  Which is a super cool place, and everyone should go there at least once, to see the mummies and shrunken heads.

I have never been to Big Bend Community College for Commercial Pilot Training, so no idea where this ruler came from.  Extra 9V batteries are an essential - when your smoke detector starts chirping at 2am, you don't want to be searching for new batteries.  A deck of cards. Miscellaneous "hardware" stuff that comes out of my husband's pockets at the end of the day, and finds its way to the junk drawer.

Finally, some essential items.  Colored pens, blingy scissors, and pretty post it notes. I use these almost every day. 

Mike Wazowski and a Smurf, circa early 2000's.  A stress reliever ball.  You're supposed to roll it around in your palms, but I can tell you that it does not work. Readers, because I'm old and blind and have them all over the house.  But at least they have a cute floral print.

Well then.  Hopefully you're still awake.  I'll be over here, cleaning out this drawer.  I mean, there's junk, and then there's junk that's really trash and should be thrown out.

Head on over to Joy's blog to see what's in her junk drawer, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the kick off of Summer Style.  Can't wait to see what everyone's wearing!


  1. Lana, your brave... I don't think I'd want to share what's in my junk drawer, besides I have too many to count. I keep decluttering and organizing them but every time I find more stuff to throw out... I think it multiplies on its own ♡

  2. Eeek! I can see I need to clean out my junk drawer and buy some cute little organizers. Everything looks good in organizers.

    I have my stuff stored in plastic baggies, cause I'm cheap/thrifty like that ; )


  3. I know what you mean about teenage boys not throwing things away. My son has his own junk drawer and is always in need of new headphones despite several pairs in the drawer. Your comment about the ruler gave me a good chuckle!!

  4. I have A LOT of junk drawers at my house... probably every drawer! haha! I always have an assortment of odds and ends pens, markers, etc. too!


  5. bahahah- that's wayyyy too organized! The smurf is my favourite.

  6. Your junk drawer is so organized! When we moved last year I dumped everything from our junk drawers in a box that's still unpacked! Love the smurf and Mike Wazowski!

    Doused In Pink

  7. That is a well organized junk drawer. I really don't think I could trust a person that did not have at least one junk drawer!

  8. I love this series!! It makes me feel less bad about my junk drawer, haha!

    pumps & push-ups

  9. A smurf! It looks a lot like ours, even with a smurf. And measuring tape, keys, rocks, etc.
    My grandma had the best junk drawer ever. I miss that.

  10. Oh Smurfs!!! Love it!! And that is the neatest junk drawer ever!! I think I need to get some compartments for my stuff!! LOL

  11. Omg we have a junk drawer!! Is it bad we moved in and I designated a junk drawer?? Lol

  12. haha, those rocks, send them my way, Baby Fox has a growing rock collection. And the wait did your junk drawer look that clean before you started? Or did you organize it first? Cause you're making me feel bad!

  13. That is one very organized junk drawer. Love your compartments for everything. Those blingy scissors are fabulous. So fun to see how many of the same items appear drawer after drawer!!

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