My New Happy: Motivational Monday LIX

Monday, October 24, 2016

Motivational Monday LIX

It's a brand new week, and I plan to spend it coming from a place of love, rather than fear.  What will you do to generate happiness and better yourself?

Happy Monday!


  1. Great question.

    I've signed up for my first ever women's meet-up. Should be interesting...


  2. Hi Lana, I will try to stay happy and positive. Hope you have a nice week. :)

  3. Monday came in like a freight train here today. I'm enjoying the foliage, though, and hot coffee.

  4. I always love the start of a new week. This week is a busy one, with it being the week before Halloween... SO... just going to try to take it day by day. I am going to enjoy a slice of cherry pie that was leftover from the boys camping trip this weekend- that is my excitement today! LOL! Love this uplifting message, we really should try to do this everyday!


  5. I found myself in a grumpy mood from the get-go this morning. This is a great reminder to get myself right back into a good mood!

  6. I needed this prompt today as I am feeling sick and am not happy about it. That being said, getting outdoors to run in nature always fills bucket and let's me destress. I will try to get outdoors for even a short walk today and soak up some vitamin D.

  7. Love this. I recently read a post about letting go of anger and frustration and choosing joy. It sounds so simple but I need this reminder often. I need to choose what I model to my girls when things aren't going exactly as planned or I'm stressed. Thanks for this!

  8. The calendar moves so fast I can barely keep up, but keeping fear at bay is my biggest project right now. At this moment, I'm winning.

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