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Friday, December 16, 2016

What's Up Friday

Happy "nine days until Christmas" Friday.  Gah, I have got to get my shopping done.  Maybe today's the day!

I thought I'd share a little What's Up Wednesday on a Friday.  I had planned to write about Paris - Day Five, but then older son came home with tickets to the Seahawks game, and there was no way I was passing up that gift!  Which leads into...

What I'm excited about... C and I had a blast at the game.  I love football, and it's always fun to watch the Hawks in Century Link Field.  Bonus - they won, and clinched the NFC West title.  It was a night game and it was super cold, but I had on at least five layers.  I may have looked like a stuffed sausage, but I stayed nice and toasty!

What I'm working on... Blog planning for 2017.  Now that I have my new name, I've got lots of ideas floating around. I'm thinking of doing a vision board, but I don't know where to start.  Any suggestions?

What I'm dreading.... Taking down the Christmas decorations.  Which is just ridiculous, since the big day isn't even here yet.  BUT it takes so much time, and the house is so bare afterwards.

What I'm reminiscing about... Bogart's little puppy days.  He's already seven months old, and he's gotten so big. Which means he's figured out he can reach the counters.  My favorite reading glasses and an entire stick of butter were the latest casualties.  Even though he's a total pain in the butt, he's pretty adorable and we can't imagine our family without him.

What I'm reading... I just finished Winter Stroll, by Elin Hilderbrand.  It's a quick, fun read for the holidays.  When I get busy, I forget how much I enjoy a good book.  A goal for 2017 is to spend more time lost in literature.  Any recommends?

What I'm loving... Cold, sunny days.  Christmas cookies.  Reading holiday cards from friends. Finding the perfect gift.  Hot chocolate by the tree.  Enjoying the last moments of 2016.

What I'm wearing... All the puffy coats, sweaters, scarves, and boots.  Did I mention it's been cold?

What we're doing this weekend... T comes home today and I cannot wait for him to get here!   Three whole weeks with everyone under one roof - my mama heart is so happy.  This weekend we have dinner plans with friends, a trip to the Lights of Christmas, some baking and lots of gift wrapping.

What I'm looking forward to next month... Everything.  I started 2016 off with a bad attitude, but I'm not making the same mistake next year.  I've got big plans for 2017!

Have a great weekend everyone, and may your days be merry and bright!


  1. yayayay, all the everyone in your house! Also, we should google hangout and blog plan together!

  2. The Seahawks game looks like fun! I love your red coat! Enjoy having everyone home together!

    Doused In Pink

  3. My house is older and dim at night, so I love having the lights up. I started keeping them up until Candlemas - Feb 2!

  4. Loving your scarf! You and your son look so much alike and what a BLAST I'm sure y'all had at the game!

  5. How much fun...Go Seahawks!! Glad everyone is all under one roof for the holidays!!

  6. Lana, I love your attitude about 2017, even though I have some physical challenges, I am taking on the same attitude... we might as well look for the good and enjoy every moment of all those times. I am super happy that you will have both boys home for the Christmas holidays xox

  7. I think I need you to style me for winter! I am nearly giving up.
    I loved Winter Stroll, by the way!

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