My New Happy: The Blended Blog Asks...And I Answer

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Blended Blog Asks...And I Answer

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone is enjoying an extra long holiday weekend.  I have to work today, but my college boy is home safe and sound from Scandinavia, so I'm a happy mama!

Today the ladies of The Blended Blog are hopping around, asking and answering some fun questions about ourselves.  If you're visiting from Sarah's blog, welcome!  I hope you'll link up with us below and join in the fun.  Here goes...

1. Favorite Animal.  A horse.  They're so smart and strong, and I've always wanted to own one.  Maybe someday.

2. Wine or Beer?  Definitely wine, preferably white.  All beer tastes the same to me, which drives my husband crazy.

3. Socks on/off while sleeping?  Only in the winter, when I'm so bundled up you can barely see me.

4. One piece or two piece swimsuit?  I'm tall, so finding a long enough one piece is a challenge.  But you definitely won't find me in a bikini.  A nice tankini top and board shorts is the way to go.

5. Cooking at home or eating out?  If I never had to cook again, I'd be okay with that. 

6. Pepsi or coke?  Diet Coke is my drink of choice, although I've cut back to only one a day, because I know it's not good for me. And Pepsi is just plain horrible. 

7. Regular or electric toothbrush?  Both.  Since I brush my teeth 82,000 times a day with Invisalign, I use regular during the day and my Sonicare before I go to bed at night.

8. Candy or chocolate?  Give me all the chocolate.

9. Coffee or tea?  Neither.  See Diet Coke above.

10. Music or talk radio?  Mostly music, although I have one talk radio program that I listen to occasionally.  But he gets me all riled up, so then I go back to the music.

11. Chick flick, action movie, or documentary?  Chick flick for sure.  Although I live in a house of men, so I've probably seen more action movies.

12. Regular or mechanical pencil?  I can't remember the last time I used a pencil, and I'm not sure I've ever used the mechanical kind.

13. Swimming or laying out?  Laying out until I get too hot, then jumping in the pool for a bit.  I need a pool in my life right now.

14. Dog or cat?  Dog.  Who can resist that cuteness?

15. What do you drive?  SUV, Van or Sedan?  I drive a very large SUV, although now that the boys are grown, I should probably downsize.  Then I can go on a vacation with the gas money I save.

16.  Early bird catches the worm, or night owl?  Can I say neither, because I'd rather sleep?  I'm working on becoming more of an early worm.

17. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Pasta and chocolate.  That's two? Chocolate pasta.

18. While sleeping, phone in room by your side or phone in another room?  Depends on if the boys are home are not.  But usually in another room.

19. Singing in the shower, yes or no?  Yes, mostly show tunes for some reason.

20. Oreo cookies:  eat whole, take apart and/or dunk in milk?  The oreo cookie as a whole has the perfect cookie to filling ratio.  It should never be taken apart!

That was fun!  Be sure to head back to The Blended Blog to continue the hop, and link up with us below.  Have a very happy 4th of July!


  1. I feel well supported in my love of diet coke after reading all of these posts! lol
    I have a sonicare too, love it!

  2. I'm so glad your son made it home from his trip! I miss my Baby Girl so much! She should be home in another month!

  3. I'd trade you a horse for a pool, indoors with retractable ends please!

  4. So glad to hear your son made it home safe and sound! I love this type of post! Pasta and chocolate would be my two food choices too along with wine! Have a great holiday!

    Doused In Pink

  5. I drink diet coke - and no coffee or tea, either.

    Daily Style Finds

  6. We're twins on the bathing suit front. One pieces.. are ridiculous on me. Two pieces are challenging too. I usually do a tankini or bikini top and board shorts!
    And my mom has always had horses so I've never wished for them, but only for that reason!
    I don't take apart OREOs either!

  7. Ha ha! Chocolate pasta! I need some of that STAT.


  8. haha, I love your oreo response. Too true! And your puppies, so cute!


  9. "9. Coffee or tea? Neither. See Diet Coke above." are too funny! I'm a huge fan of Diet Coke but am also loving iced coffee in this Las Vegas heat!

  10. I prefer a tankini top and board shorts too Lana. So fun to read all of your answers, we all seem to have so much in common in the blogging world!

  11. Chocolate pasta? Lol! I do the tankini top and shorts thing too!

  12. Pepsi is seriously disgusting!

  13. "Then I can go on a vacation with the gas money I save." lol!!! Love learning more about you!

  14. I love your puppies!!!! Also- never pegged you as a horse lover!

  15. Learned so much about you with these questions and answers! ha! My husband just gave up diet soda (and he LOVED it). I hate all of the teeth brushing that Invisalign gives us! And, it's even worse while on vacation! I love how you annoy your husband with thinking all beer tastes alike, but it kind of does! I am def. a wine girl, too! And, horses make me nervous! I was on one once when a storm came up and it started freaking out on me, not a fun experience. I like to be in control!! They are beautiful creatures, tho!


  16. These are fun! I love pasta as well as chocolate. Just went through 2 rounds of Invisalign. I never had braces and everyone has always commented how straight my teeth were, but in the last few years my bottom ones had gotten just a little crooked, so we fixed em' right up. So happy to be done with them other than at night.

  17. hahaha, chocolate pasta. And I agree about the Oreo thing...all the way kept together!

  18. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I think I could jump on the chocolate pasta bandwagon and my daughter's wish is to have a horse too. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon.

  19. My favorite animal is a sloth, I saw one in Costa Rica and fell in love. I’m all about laying out until it gets hot then jumping in to cool down, it’s one of my favorite things to do, the perfect cycle.

  20. I'm baffled by this different species that doesn't drink coffee... lol


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