My New Happy: More Random Friday Loves

Friday, November 17, 2017

More Random Friday Loves

I'm feeling random and rambly as this week winds down.  I keep thinking I'm getting sick, but so far I'm hanging in.  College boy is on his way home for a nice long Thanksgiving visit, and I can't wait to have all my guys under one roof.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I'm 50 years old, and up until now I've never worn lipstick.  Maybe a gloss here or there, but never color.  It always seemed so messy and I hated the re-application process.  Then my friend Sarah introduced me to Lipsense.  And now I'm addicted.  I want all the colors.  Lipsense goes on and stays on all day, without transferring to anyone or anything.  It's a miracle!  

I shared this Erin Condren look alike planner on my IG this week, and got some comments that the cover doesn't hold up very well.  I actually have that problem with all my planners, because I haul them everywhere.  This Happy Planner is really pretty and about 1/2 the price of an EC, so I'm going to see if I can reinforce the cover and give it a try.

My favorite moment from Grandpa Ed's recent visit - playing play doh with his youngest granddaughter.  There's a 96 year age difference, but that didn't matter.  He made her a play doh person, and she was enchanted with him, just like we all are.  P.S. Look at that pattern mixing Grandpa has going on!

The holidays are coming, and I haven't bought a single present or thought about what I'm going to wear.  Loved this post from Dawn at Fashion Should Be Fun, sharing some beautiful dresses for women over 40.

I saw this in a store window downtown, and it made me laugh.  Does anyone like raisins in cookies?  I even prefer chocolate chips in my oatmeal!

Be sure to head over to The Blended Blog to link up your favorite post from the week, and come back on Monday when we'll be talking about when and where we feel the most thankful.


  1. We are so very lucky to have our nonagenarians in our lives! Your grandpa and my mother have so much in common it's spooky.

  2. Your lips, your and Dee look incredible!! I need to try Lipsense! My lipstick never stays on. Your Grandpa Ed is so precious, love that photo!! Have a great weekend darling friend!

  3. Wow, no lipstick? Lucky girl, I have worn it for so many years, I look sick without it. Lana, you are a natural beauty!!! I need a new planner, I am going to check yours out. All about saving $$$! Have a wonderful weekend beauty!

  4. Wow. Grandpa Ed is amazing.
    Have a GREAT weekend with everyone under your roof! You rock the lipstick!

  5. Haha... I love that one about the raisin cookies... I am a chocolate chip girl all the way too xox

    I too haven't bought any presents yet, I took a vacation day off in a couple of Fridays... I will go and do it all in one day.... Thankfully I always send out money to my grandchildren early so that my daughter can get a good deal for them. She gets so much more since she is in the US... she found some great deals xox


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