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Monday, June 11, 2018

Summers Of The Past: Fireflies

Today I'm at The Blended Blog where we're talking about Summer memories.  I hope you'll hop over and link up with us.

One of my most cherished memories from my childhood in North Carolina was catching fireflies on warm summer nights.  Living in Seattle, my boys have never had this experience, which makes me kind of sad.  I wrote about it a few years ago, and thought I'd share it again today...

Today I saw a fascinating story on CBS News about fireflies.  Every summer, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, there is a two week period where thousands of synchronous fireflies gather in swarms for their yearly mating ritual.  The beautiful spectacle draws people from all around to see the forest lit up with lightning bugs.  

I was immediately transported back to my childhood in North Carolina.  On random nights during summer, mom would give us an early bath, and then,wearing our pajamas and carrying a glass jar, we would spend an hour or so in the backyard catching fireflies.  It was magical, and one of the most vivid memories of my youth.  Capturing them wasn't an easy task - they lit up for a brief moment, and then disappeared again into the inky night. I remember being so thrilled when I actually managed to catch one.

Once our jars were full, mom would let us watch them blinking for a while.  But then it was time to open the lid and set them free - so that we could catch them another night.

When I was in the fifth grade, my father was transferred to Seattle.  Fireflies prefer warm, humid regions, and they aren't found on the west coast.  I haven't seen the magic of a firefly since I was eleven.

Looking back, I think we've given our boys a pretty good childhood, and there aren't many things they've missed out on.

Except fireflies.  I wish they had memories of fireflies.

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  1. Oh Lana!! Love this!! And how did I not know you spent your childhood in NC?? Have an awesome week!!

  2. I saw our first fire flies of the season last week when I was taking our dog, Jack, out for the last time that night. It made me remember of a summer visit to my aunt and uncles in Mississippi when my cousins and I tried to catch them in jars. Fun memories.

  3. What a beautiful memory! I love fireflies. I haven't seen one yet this year but they have to be coming soon! And that firefly swarm in the Smokies sounds so cool! That might go on my bucket list!

  4. We had tons of fireflies when I was growing up too, Lana!! We were just talking about them because we were at the Science museum and they has a feature on insects and plants that light up!!

  5. I love the fire flies memories. I loved catching* them as a girl and occasionally still do. I saw two Saturday night on our porch. Every time I see one now, I will think of you!

  6. I'm so glad your mom gave you that experience and had you free them! As a kid, I remember always wanting to capture everything and make it my pet. So many things need to swarm free. Fireflies are amazing.

  7. What a sweet memory! We don't have fireflies here but I wish we did - I remember catching them when I lived in NJ as a kid! They were so magical to me!

  8. I can remember catching fireflies as a kid too but we don't seem to have that many around here anymore. My kids have never caught any...

  9. awww, I love this. I've never seen a firefly, but it's on my list of things to eventually see. Let's do it together! You can show my kids how to catch them :)

  10. What a great story! We don't have fireflies in Florida. I don't know why...but we saw some in NC when I was up there two weeks ago! Such neat bugs!


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