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Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Follow Love

It's Friday, which means we're feeling the love and featuring some of our favorites over at The Blended Blog.  I thought I'd join in and share a few blogs you might not be following...but should be.  I've been fortunate enough to meet these ladies in real life, and they're amazing.  Introducing...

Amy from Your Favorite Chapter may truly be the kindest person on the planet.  She is uplifting and encouraging and always knows the right thing to say.  You are guaranteed to feel wonderful about yourself and the world around you after spending a little time with Amy.  She lives in Michigan, but I had the pleasure of meeting her at FierceCon.  Her blog is about food, fitness, fashion and inspiration, and I love that her son takes most of her outfit photos.

I was so excited to meet Bo from Bo's Bodacious Blog when I traveled to Deena's world in August.  Bo joined us for brunch and flower picking, and then met up with us again for farmer's marketing and a photo shoot.  She is interesting, smart, and so much fun.  I love her sense of style and dedication to running - even in freezing weather!

Lauren is a local Seattleite who blogs at Dit-Elle.  She's also a talented photographer, and I've had the pleasure of attending several local events with her.  Her blog features her casual, funky style, which I love, but could never pull off.  Lauren takes all her own pictures with a tripod and shutter release, and shares some of her secrets.  Her adorable daughter Maya makes lots of cameos, and she's a natural just like her mama.

Have a favorite blogger I should be following?  Leave me a comment!  Have a great weekend and be sure to come back and link up with us on Monday - it's all about the gratitude!


  1. What fun!! I am so in awe of meeting other bloggers, such a gift. Love Bo and want to meet her. You look fabulous in hot pink too!

  2. It really is the best to meet up with other fabulous women!!
    For some reason I don't see the Friday post on the Blended Blog??

  3. What a great way to spread the love to other bloggers! I have to check them out!

  4. I love how you are promoting these other ladies! That's true friendship. visiting you from the blended blog.

  5. So fun that you have met up with so many amazing bloggers! Thanks for sharing, I have a few new ones to check out!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I love the hot pink tees! I just wish I could travel around and connect with everyone, how fun would that be. I need to win the lottery!

  7. Great recommends- going to check out the bloggers I have never met!

  8. Those pink shirts are bright and pretty cool, and I love the other pics too. Thanks for sharing new bloggers! Hugs...RO

  9. I enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing these sweet people. I'm going to follow them.

  10. this is very awesome I like your style.


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