My New Happy: Holiday Dressing With Eva Trends

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday Dressing With Eva Trends

Disclosure:  The dress in this post was provided to me.  All thoughts about it are my own.

Happy Wednesday and welcome to Fall Fashion Frenzy with The Blended Blog. Go there to link up with us, and then head to hostess Vanessa's blog to see her Holiday Looks.

We very rarely go to holiday parties anymore, especially fancy ones.  I'm old and grumpy and like to be home in my pj's by 10pm.  But when I saw this lavender lace midi dress from Eva Trends, it made me want to get dressed up and go somewhere special.

The lavender is such a pretty alternative to a traditional LBD.  The lace is stretchy and comfortable, and the scalloped boat neckline is flattering.  Although most items at Eva Trends are one size, this dress comes in S-XL.  I would definitely get your regular size, as I went up one and it's a little big.  

If you haven't visited Eva Trends yet, go take a look.  They have a huge variety of unique styles and I'm really pleased with the quality.  Don't forget to use code LL10 to get 10% off your purchase.

And then come back and help me figure out where I can wear this dress...and be home by 10pm!

Be sure to hop around and visit my TBB Style Sisters to see what they're wearing this week.


  1. I am with you on parties and PJs. I love that dress though, and I can see why you would want to get dressed up for a party. The color is perfect on you.

    Daily Style Finds

  2. Looks sensational and such a gorgeous color!!

  3. That colour is awesome on you- I like the alternative to the black dress.

  4.'s a gorgeous dress, and I love the color. You are so like me....staying up late is just too hard. Heck, we don't even usually stay up for New Years Eve, unless we have to.
    As for the dress...I think you should try to wear it for casual too. You have it...might as well wear it.
    Throw a denim jacket over it with sneakers. Or a sweatshirt...

    1. I like the idea of styling it in a more casual way!

  5. George will need to take his beautiful bride out a date in that gorgeous dress. Perfection, lady!

  6. This color looks amazing on you. Get out on the town look fabulous!! Off to take a peek at Eva!!

  7. That color looks amazing on you.

  8. Like you, I remember holiday parties that seemed endless years ago. Now, not so much. I work from home so those days are pretty much done. ut I love the festive decorations and your lovely dress, which happens to be my favorite color. Hugs...RO

  9. That is a great dress Lana and the color is spectacular on you! Great for the holidays and other events too!

  10. That dress and color look so good on you, Lana! I'm sure your man would LOVE to keep you out past 10 o'clock in that! LOL!

  11. It's gorgeous! I like at least one special dress for the holiday season. Cassidy has his work party and I like to glam up for it!

  12. I have a hard time staying out past 10:00 too! :) What a gorgeous dress! The lavender color is so pretty on you and such a great alternative to black! I agree with Jodi, you should try styling it casual too!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

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