My New Happy: Merry and Bright and Mixing Patterns

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Merry and Bright and Mixing Patterns

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Today we're sharing an outfit that makes us happy.  And I think we all know by now that what really makes me happy is a sweater.  Or two.   But I feel like I need to branch out, so today I'm sharing pattern mixing times three.

I started with the shirts, then decided to go crazy and add one more pattern via a scarf.  And the part that made me most happy?  With all those layers on, I was actually kind of warm.  Until the wind started blowing and the heavens opened up.

No problem - just add another layer, with a hood!  What kind of outfit makes you happy?

Be sure to hop around and visit my TBB Style Sisters to see what they're wearing this week.


  1. Great pattern mix and beautiful as ever!

  2. Look at you go, Lana!! Beautiful!!

  3. Beautifully done Lana, no wonder you feel happy in this pretty look!

  4. Well, I say you did a great job at mixing patterns times three!

  5. I love how you styled this look! Pattern mixing perfection!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I think pattern mixing is still my favorite thing I've gotten out of blogging (well that, and all of my wonderful friends)!

  7. You make it work flawlessly. Scarlet and I both mix patterns but I think it's more accidental than anything!


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