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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

TBB Style: A Tale Of Two Pink Coats

Happy Wednesday and welcome to our fashion link up with The Blended Blog.  I'm hosting today, so hop over there to see my new leopard coat (spoiler alert - it's only $28), and be sure to add your link!

There's a saying in Seattle - "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute".  That's especially true in the winter.  Yesterday we woke up to snow, then the sun came out for a bit, and by evening it was windy and pouring rain.  Which means a girl needs lots of options for outerwear, right?

Might be time for a coat closet purge...

I've got trench coats, puffy coats with and without hoods, fleece coats, rain coats, long and short wool coats, and ski coats.  What I didn't have was a pink fuzzy coat.  Random?  Yes, until I walked into the Coach store while shopping with my mom and sisters in December, and saw the most beautiful coat ever.  It was pink sherpa with leather pockets, and reversed to pink leather with a sherpa collar.  It was love at first sight, and I quickly tried it on before looking at the price. fit like a glove, but the price tag was almost $3,000.  Way more than I want to spend on a coat - I'd rather go on a trip somewhere!

Ahh...there she is.  At least we'll always have this picture together.

Fast forward to Christmas morning, opening presents with family.  My sweet sister in law had searched high and low to find me a fuzzy pink coat that everyone's budget could live with.  And I think she nailed it!  My son says I'm balling like Drake in this coat - which I think is a compliment?

It's completely impractical for Seattle's climate, and it's a little big. But nothing a few resewn buttons won't fix.  And there's money left over for some travel!

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  1. I am smiling because I have a story today about the pink teddy coat, oh how I wanted one. You look so cute and have very sweet of your sister in law!

  2. How sweet of your SIL to find a pink coat for you. How often do gifts spark tears of joy?

  3. Bawler is right...between that and the leopard print one, I'm bowing down to you! LOVE THEM ALL!

  4. Now that's a fabulous SIL!!
    And that's the same with our weather!! We call it bipolar.

  5. I would be in so much trouble if I lived somewhere that actually needed jacket choices. I already have a problem and I don't even use them most of the time. LOL to the at least we'll always have this picture, that really is a gorgeous coat though! But the one your SIL found is pretty perfect too!

    1. I have SO many coats - they weren't even all hung up when I took that picture.

  6. That is so super sweet of your sister in law to get you a coat! I like the one she got you, anything pink is a win in my book. I cannot imagine paying thousands for a coat at Coach! How crazy!!! Wear yours and enjoy it!

    1. I knew it would be expensive, but not THAT expensive -ha! I need to move the buttons over this weekend so I can start wearing it!

  7. I adore your cozy pink coat! Your SIL is so sweet to track down the perfect coat for you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. Aww! What a sweet gift! So thoughtful that she took the time to look for the perfect dupe!

  9. How fun! It's insane to think people spend $3,000 on a coat- like you said, that's a great vacation haha!


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