My New Happy: A Healthy Revelation

Friday, February 8, 2019

A Healthy Revelation

Three months ago, I had a revelation.  Who knew that was still a thing at my age?   Granted, it happened because of a health scare, and not because I suddenly became wise and intuitive, but still.

The revelation was this:  healthy does not equal thin.  And healthy is the goal.  Also, I'm not getting any younger, but I already knew that.

Seems pretty obvious, in hindsight.  But I've spent my whole adult life eating a certain way, and exercising a certain way, trying to lose weight so I could be thin.  Healthy didn't enter my mind.

It's what I was taught growing up.  We just assumed that skinny people were healthy people, back in the 70's and 80's.  I remember a friend in college whose dad was a long distance runner.  One day he went out for a jog and died of a heart attack.  I was shocked, although I shouldn't have been.  He might have been thin, but he also smoked and ate like crap.

As a child, a teenager, and a young adult, I wasn't just skinny - I was scrawny.  Genetics were my friend, I guess.  Then I had two difficult pregnancies, gained a lot of weight, and never quite bounced back.

For the past 21 years, I've tried countless "diets" and exercise programs.  I'd lose weight, then gain it back.  Always trying to fit into those old jeans.  But never thinking about being healthy.  

Last October, my doctor told me that I needed to make some changes, or else.  I went home and spent the next few days mad and sad and cursing those genetics I used to be so happy about.

I was in the middle of a cookie binge when the revelation hit (because I figured I'd start changing tomorrow, AFTER a thousand cookies).  I needed to focus on being healthy.  And strong.  And the rest would fall into place, whatever that place might be.

So I adjusted my mindset, the way I eat, and how I workout.  I'm proud to say I'm almost to my goal, and we'll see what the doctor has to say when I go in for follow up blood work.  Do I still have a treat now and again?  Yes.  Do I mess up some days?  Yup.  It's all about progress, progress, progress.

I've learned so much over the last few months, and I plan to share it here.  Most of it is common sense, but yet, there I was.  Not healthy.

If I age like Grandpa Ed, I've got fifty years left to live, and I want them to be as healthy as possible.  He's always believed "mind over matter" and I have to agree.  Healthy is the goal.


  1. I am dealing with the same thing friend and feeling so much better about what is going into my body! Keep up the good work!

  2. I can totally relate. It wasn't until we started using a personal trainer back when I was working, that this came true for me too. We try to eat pretty clean. We read the ingredients on everything and try to cut out things that have added sugar. And yet we aren't crazy. It's an 80/20. Because I've learned if I deprive myself, I just want it more.
    I've always love the saying to let food be thy medicine. And it's true how it can make a difference.

  3. It took me way longer than I care to admit to get healthy. I always thought I ate healthier than the next guy. For over a year, I've been eating mainly meat and vegetables, lots of vegetables. I feel so much better.

  4. I love this advice, so dang true! Sometimes it's hard not to compare yourself though! But yes those skinny people are sometimes really not healthy, and in the end we want to be healthy for our families.

  5. Amen sister! We only get one body to live in while we're on earth so we better take care of it! I am so happy for you my friend!

  6. This sure resonates with me. Society really leads us to believe thin is healthy and we need to work at changing that!

  7. Preach! You are so not alone on this. Do you still do FWTFL? I've implemented parts into my weekly routine, but don't "stick" to it completely. You look great Lana!!!!

  8. Love this! I think the reverse can also be true; overweight doesn't always mean unhealthy either. According to BMI indexes and doctors I have been overweight my whole life and yet I am pretty darn healthy. I think that struggle to be thin has led to a lot of better eating choices and gets my butt up and moving so without that strive I might not have that drive to keep going but so often we base a lot of assumptions on how someone looks and not how they feel.


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