My New Happy: The Remembered Joy Of Traveling With Children

Friday, February 1, 2019

The Remembered Joy Of Traveling With Children

Ok...maybe not the actual travel part.  That can be fairly dicey, depending on the exhaustion, hunger, and overwhelm levels.  And that's just mom.

But once you arrive, there's absolutely nothing like seeing something through the eyes of a child.  Nothing better to remind you to look for joy in the world.

It's been awhile since I've gotten to spend much time with young children.  I've written before about how happy it makes me to hang with my friends Deena, Sarah and Abbie.  Last weekend they let me crash their Disneyland trip for a bit, and no surprise, their kids are equally amazing.

Disneyland has been a magical place for me since I was a little girl.  I remember piling into my uncle's van super early in the morning and making the long drive to Anaheim.  We'd spend the day in the park, coming out for picnics in the car, and leaving as late as possible.  Years later, I was so excited to bring my boys to Disney and share the experience.  Standing under the castle, listening to Julie Andrews sing while the fireworks went off, I teared up with the full circle-ness of it all.

That was over thirteen years ago.  While we've visited Disney a bunch since then, nothing can beat that little kid time.  So when Deena mentioned that they were heading to LA for their first visit, I shamelessly invited myself along.

And what a day it was.  Those six munchkins made my year.  Sure, they're kids, and their moms will probably say that they all had their "moments".  Honestly, I didn't see it (and now I sound like my mom, but it's true).  They are smart, thoughtful, funny, and kind.  For the most part, I was a total stranger, but they treated me like a new grown up friend, part of the club, and I loved that.

When one of them grabbed my hand, asked to ride with me, or allowed me to hang with them while mom did something else, my heart was so happy.  I loved explaining rides to Lucia, and listening to Gabby tell me about her birthday party, her dog, and what she's going to do when she turns eleven.  That girl has big plans for eleven.

I spent the day feeling so much joy for life.  All through the eyes of six children.

We get so bogged down in the everyday stuff.  You get older, your kids become adults, you spend less time with children, and you forget.  You forget about the happiness and wonder and the pure joy of ice cream on a warm day.  The excitement of experiencing something new.  Seeing a princess or a monster and BELIEVING.

The joy of experiencing the world with children.  Thank you, friends, for sharing your little loves with me, and reminding me to live with more joy.


  1. I’m the worst mom, I never took the boys to Disney. Oh the magic, what fun!

  2. Gosh, I know exactly what you mean with this and I don't even have kids. But hanging out with them at these ages, makes you look at life SO differently.
    And I do think they act "better" with others than their own parents!!

    1. That's true about acting better - my boys certainly did!

  3. That is so dang sweet. So happy that you got to crash our Disneyland adventure. You are the best and most patient person dealing with 6 kids! :) I hope we do this much more! Love you friend! And all of this rings true, I think it's the same with Holidays, kids just bring back that magic.

  4. What a fun week! You're right, as adults with almost adult/adult children you forget how magical things are when they are younger. They really give you a new perspective on everything!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. This is just so sweet and I bet the kids loved having you there! Kids just love adult attention and I bet you were so much fun! Living in Orlando, you'd think we'd be big Disney people but we're not. My kids aren't really into it, we had annual passes one year but the boys didn't really like the wild rides so it was a little frustrating, my oldest hardly wanted to do anything! My husband and I have thought of getting them for ourselves so we could go to the Food and Wine events at Epcot or just wander around the parks. Anyway, I love seeing the close bond you all have!

  6. I loved seeing all the updates from a of you on IG. What a magical time for friends, kids, families. I have to remember be less grumpy with my own kids and remember that our time with them is limited. How did your hubby enjoy being the only man around?

  7. Lucia and Willis talk about you and George all the time. That says enough about how wonderful you truly are.


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