My New Happy: Weekend Vibes: Baking and Flying

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Weekend Vibes: Baking and Flying

Here's how I usually operate:  Happy to stay in my comfy home, don't want to try anything new because SCARY and what if I hate it?  I get over myself and do it, fall in love with the thing and the trying, and wonder why I don't just accept all the new things, all the time.  Anyone else with me?

Last weekend was a double header of newness, that started with baking.

Apparently, you're either a chef or a baker.  I'm neither, which makes it especially fortuitous that I married a man who can whip up a gourmet meal in five minutes.  He'd like to learn more about baking, since his grandfather was a baker in Norway, but didn't get a chance to pass on any of his tips and tricks to George.  I was just along for the ride, hoping there would be lots of sampling of baked goods.

King Arthur Flour just moved to our area, and they offer evening baking classes as well as multi day, intensive lessons.  I thought it would be a fun birthday gift for my hubby, and I chose "Hand Pies", even though I had no idea what they were.  But it sounded like there would be eating involved.

The instructor was amazing.  She'd been up baking since 4am, but was enthusiastic about her craft and walked us through everything step by step, with a sense of humor.  I would have been asleep in my pie dough.

Fillings prepped and ready to go.  I was even allowed to help with this part.
Pie dough made, rolled out and cut.  I did NOT get to help with the dough, but honestly, I was okay with that.  BTW, that's a French Rolling Pin and it's the bomb.
Now we wait...and take selfies, of course.
And voila...Hand Pies!!

So much fun, and so delicious.  I would definitely recommend this for a date night, even if you've never baked a thing in your life.  Next up, croissants!

On Saturday, it was time for my birthday gift, courtesy of my older son.  A few years ago we went "jump out of a plane" skydiving, so I've crossed that off the bucket list, and once was enough for me.  

We'd driven by ifly a thousand times, an indoor tunnel skydiving venue, so I was excited to see what it was all about.  Sort of.  

After checking in, we headed upstairs where you watch the action while waiting for your turn.  It looked intense, and nobody in the tunnel was smiling.  But there were little kids flying, so how hard could it be?

Soon we suited up and headed in for the training video, which informed us that shoulder dislocation was possible and quite common.  Earplugs, goggles, helmet, flight suit.  All jewelry, including rings, had to come off.  Yikes.

I almost backed out.  I need both of my shoulders to be located, thank you very much.  As I stepped up for my turn, and felt the crazy wind tunnel, I thought I might pass out.

But once I was inside, being guided by my instructor, it felt wonderful.  The wind is definitely intense, much more so than actual skydiving.  Which is why nobody was smiling - the wind tells your cheeks where to go.  As soon as I got the hang of it, the instructor let go, and I truly felt like I was flying.

It looks like a small space, but below that net it was a long way down.  And also a long way up.

My two minutes were over too soon, but all my body parts were intact.  My hair, however, was another story.  Don't bother with styling before iflying.  This is an adventure I'll definitely try again.  Maybe I'll even learn to flip and soar.  Nah, probably not.

So what did we learn last weekend?  Stop being so comfy, try the new things, and fall in love with excitement, uncertainty, learning, and adventure.  Take a chance and soar.  And eat all the baked goods.


  1. Fun times! I think I would especially love the evening baking classes!

  2. So fun! A baking or cooking class is a great idea for a date night! You are so brave to do the sky diving and ifly! I don't think I could work up the guts!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. You are SO amazing Lana!! Good for you for trying both of these things. Although the baking was much safer...ha ha!!

  4. I would love to try that. I love the flying aspect of it, and the controlled aspect of it! It feels daring.. but safe.
    We have so much in common because Cassidy is the chef/baker in our house.
    Funny - we live near King Arther Flour in NH. I thought maybe it was the headquarters but maybe not? They do big classes there. My mom thinks of it as like a mecca to visit.

    1. Fact check - as soon as I hit publish. I meant Vermont, but I think it's close to the NH border.

  5. That's the only way I'd jump out of a plane - ha!!!
    I think a baking class would be so much fun! I love to bake and those hand pies look delish!

  6. Sign me up for a cooking with George class when he starts to offer them!

  7. You are so brave! And you were SO smiling! (The cooking class sounds like actual fun!)

  8. I did iFly a little while ago and had so much fun!

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