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Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring Where You're From

Happy Monday, friends!  How was your weekend?  Today I'm over at The Blended Blog, where we're sharing what spring is like in our home towns.

It's no secret that the climate in Seattle is a bit....rainy.  And this year has been wetter and colder than usual, prompting me to inform my husband that I'm moving south.  Probably not, but I'm definitely ready for a little sunshine.

The good news is that the forecast for this week is looking up, and pretty soon we'll be surrounded by flowers.

What's spring like where you live?  Hope you'll link up with us below!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Try Something New: Take A New Way Home

Happy Friday, friends!  This has been a looooong week and I'm ready for the weekend - you?

It's month three in my "try something new" series, one of the goals I set for 2018.  In January, we went snowshoeing.  February found me in a sensory deprivation tank.  And in March, we took a new way home.

Late last month, we needed to head east for some business, which took us through our usual route over Snoqualmie Pass.  After dropping off the package, we had the rest of the day in front of us, with no plans.

What to do?  We took the long way home (Supertramp, anyone?).  I've lived in Washington for almost 40 years, but I've never driven over Blewett Pass, a lesser traveled route that deposits you right into the adorable Bavarian village of Leavenworth, at the base of the Cascade mountains.

The mountains were snowy but the roads were clear, and the sun was even out for a bit...

One of the coolest things about Washington State is all of the microclimates.  Before long we left the snow behind, and found ourselves in the arid, central part of the state, where a huge apple crop is grown every year.  No apples yet though.

Although we've been to Leavenworth dozens of times, in the spirit of trying something new, we decided to hit up a new restaurant and a few new stores in town.

And try a new dessert.

I have to admit, we might be starting to get the hang of this empty nesting thing.  Although there are many moments when I think, "the boys would love this", it's nice to be spontaneous, and not worry about anyone else's schedule.

And bonus,  I don't have to share my crepe.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Style Perspectives: Dark Florals

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Welcome to another edition of  TBB Style.    We hope you'll join us and link up your fashion posts below, and check back to see if you are featured!  

Are we tired of the weather yet?  Are you tired of hearing me talk about the weather yet?  Probably.  I saw a meme today that said "Most of you think it's April.  But it's actually the 96th of January".  All I can say is that it took me three hours to get today's outfit pictures.  I'd take a few, and then the heavens would open up and the hail poured down.  Over and over again.

Today we're talking florals.  I've got a bunch of lighter colors waiting in my closet, but since it's only the 96th of January, I decided to wear this dark floral from Loft.  Now that I look at it, the entire outfit is a Loft creation.  Except the peep toe, open heel booties that I purchased recently from Nordstrom Rack.  They fit true to size, have a lower heel, and are oh so comfy.

I wouldn't normally wear this top with yellow, but I'm trying to trick spring into showing up.  I even wore lemons yesterday.

I added some fun black and white tassel earrings.  It seems that the earrings are even bigger this spring.  How are you all storing these huge earrings?  I can't figure out what to do with them and would love suggestions.

Speaking of suggestions, where do you stand on florals?  My mom, who's generally pretty fashionable, hates them.  I can't get enough.  Thoughts?

We've chosen some style prompts for the next few months, and I hope you'll join us!

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And now it's time to link up!  I hope you'll join us again this week, and follow along with #theblendedblogstyle.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Cleaning: New Tips For The Closet

Happy Monday, and welcome to spring cleaning day with The Blended Blog!  I'm not much of a spring cleaner since I like to keep things organized and tidy year round.  Amended to add, especially for those of you in the throes of the "hoarding kiddos" days:  now that the boys are grown up and mostly not living here anymore, this year round process is much easier.  I don't even want to talk about the hot wheel and Lego years.

My actual spring cleaning consists mostly of having the windows done, and reorganizing my closet.  For the longest time, I've done the closet transition the same way:  put away the sweaters and boots, and bring in the warmer weather gear.  Then I group like things together, order everything by color, and call it a day.

Last week I attended a "411 On Spring Style" event, hosted by Styled Seattle, one of the premier personal stylist firms in Seattle.  We were treated to spring trends, yummy food and champagne, and fashion sketches from the talented Drawing Blueberry.

Yep, that's me.  Or more truthfully, the 20 year old, trendier me.  But I'll take it.

Darcy Camden, the owner of Styled Seattle, spoke about how to organize your closet for spring.  And while many of her tips mimicked mine, she had a few new ones that I found very helpful.

* Your closet should only contain items that fit you RIGHT NOW.  Not later, when you lose 10 pounds, but now.  You don't have to get rid of them, but box them up or move them somewhere else, so that everything in front of you is wearable.

* Prioritize.  You don't have to give away everything you haven't worn in the last year, but look at each item with fresh eyes.  It's okay to save things for later, when they'll probably cycle back.  To decide whether to keep it in your current closet or not, ask "would I buy this today"?

* Re-merchandize.  This was the real eye opener for me.  Darcy suggests switching up the way you've always arranged your closet.  For example, reverse that color order.  Put shirts where your skirts usually are.  This allows you to see things differently and come up with new outfit combinations.

I spent Saturday re-organizing my closet and I love it!  Items have been in the same order for longer than I can remember, and I'm definitely looking at things with a fresh eye.  Plus, I know that I can pull out anything and it will fit.  Forgot to take pictures, because I'm a bad blogger, but trust me, it's so much better!

I hope you'll link up your spring cleaning tips below, and be sure to join us next week for "spring where you're from". Can't wait to see how your home does spring! 

Friday, April 13, 2018

It's All About Support

Earlier this week I read a post about support among women.  Or rather, the lack of support.  The author asked "when did women become judge and jury over each other"?  To some extent, I agree with her.  Women can be mean, both in real life, and especially online.  They talk a good talk about lifting each other up, but get pleasure in cutting you down.  We've all known them, and removing them from our lives is a positive first step.


What if we only surround ourselves with women who cheer us on, make us feel good, and inspire us to be our best selves?  I think those ladies far outnumber the "judge and jury".  Today I want to share a few I've met through the blogging world.

Let's start with Mary.

This artist and life coach lives in Oakland, and literally always has a smile on her face and a spring in her step.  She starts her Instastories with "hello, hello beautiful people", and my day immediately gets better.  I want to hop in her car and drive around all day singing and dancing!  Her encouragement and enthusiasm are so inspiring.  You can find her blog, Evolve With Mary, here, and follow her on IG here.

And then there's Jodie, who has the most interesting blog concept ever.

She writes about fashion and beauty for women in different decades, with her mom and step mom as partners in crime.  The three of them have such a good time, and it shows in every single post.  Jodie leaves the most thoughtful comments, and is kind and supportive without fail.  She's also bold and willing to try new things, all with a huge smile and positive attitude.  Check out Jodie's Touch of Style, and find her on IG here.

Next up is Tamara.

I don't even remember how I first found Tamara, but I know I've been reading her blog since the beginning of my journey.  She's a big time influencer, amazing photographer, and mom to two adorable kiddos.  She writes with such beauty and soul.  I have no idea how she fits everything into her packed days, but she never fails to leave a fun comment on my blog posts.  And I mean never.  Tamara has also let me pick her brain on more than one occasion.  I want to be like her when I grow up.   Read her blog, Tamara Like Camera and find her on IG here.

And Catherine.

I don't think I've met anyone with a bigger, kinder, more giving heart.  This woman's entire mission is about empowering, celebrating, and cherishing others.  She is honestly sincere, supportive, and inspiring, and believes that age is just a number.  I've gotten to know Catherine through the Forever Fierce Revolution, and she's got big plans to change the perception of women at midlife and beyond.  Find her blog here.

No list about supportive women would be complete without a mention of my best blogging friends, the ladies of The Blended Blog.  Honestly, they've become more like sisters to me, and not a day goes by that I don't feel the love from them.  I'm one of the oldest in the group, and most of the other women could be my "teen mom" children, but they accept me and let me join in the fun!  Something bigger was at play when we found our way to each other.

And there are so many more!  These are the women I look up to, who inspire me to do better, to be better.  They prove that being kind and lifting others up is the best way to go through life. Thank you for helping to show me the way!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Style Perspectives: Favorite Spring Color

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Welcome to another edition of  TBB Style.    We hope you'll join us and link up your fashion posts below, and check back to see if you are featured!  

Today we're talking about our favorite spring color.  If you follow me on IG, it's obvious that I love every shade of pink, regardless of the season.  But right now, I'm all about the pastels. 

And this, my friends, is why I need a longer shopping ban.  I forgot that I already own this pastel pink denim jacket until I discovered it in my closet last weekend.  Guess I didn't need the similarly colored field jacket from Old Navy.  Oops.

Although pink has my heart, I'm also partial to lavender...

Blue and yellow together are also a favorite...

What's your favorite color for spring?  And more importantly, is it actually spring weather where you live?  Because I don't want to talk about it.

We've chosen some style prompts for the next few months, so I hope you'll join us!

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And now it's time to link up!  I hope you'll join us again this week, and follow along with #theblendedblogstyle.  

Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Ramblings: April Edition

Happy April, and happy theory.  I don't think I'm alone in screaming "Go away winter.  You're not wanted here anymore".  Sigh.

I'm off to visit college boy for mom's weekend, and then in a month he'll be home for the summer.  Two years have gone by so fast!  Now, let's ramble.

💋 Do you have a Sonic where you live?  If so, what are your thoughts?  One recently opened in my town and people have lost. their. minds.  Literally, a line around the block the entire time they're open.  The boys talked me into going with them at midnight during Thomas' spring break.  I couldn't bring myself to eat anything, but I have to admit that their drink selection is impressive.  And colorful.

💋 One of my very favorite things about living here is the blossoming of the cherry trees.  Every spring it seems like they bloom overnight into the prettiest pink explosion.  The petals only last a few weeks or so, before a good wind blows them all away.

💋 Reading:  Due to the aforementioned never ending winter, I read three books this month.  All different, but all worth reading.  A psychological thriller with a very satisfying ending, a strange love story, and WWII historical fiction.

💋 Watching:  A Wrinkle In Time.  Sadly, it's a thumbs down from me.  I adored the book and wanted to love the movie, but it just didn't translate well.  The costumes and sets were visually stunning though.  

Santa Clarita Diet (on Netflix).  We binge watched this over two weekends and it's SO good.  Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant (yes, please) are perfect, the writing is witty, and there are lots of fun cameos.  It's pretty gory though, so don't watch while you're eating.  Unless you're like my husband, and absolutely nothing turns your stomach.

💋  These amazing ladies from The Forever Fierce Revolution recently shot a video in collaboration with Chico's for their "Bolder" campaign.  Our goal is to get to one million views, so I'm asking for your help.  Check out the video on You Tube, and then share it on your social media and tag some friends with #foreverfierce #howboldareyou and #ageisjustanumber.  I would be so grateful!  These women are strong, kind, and beautiful inside and out, and I'm proud to call them friends.

Since I can't top that, I'll stop rambling.  Happy weekend, friends!

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