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Friday, November 17, 2017

More Random Friday Loves

I'm feeling random and rambly as this week winds down.  I keep thinking I'm getting sick, but so far I'm hanging in.  College boy is on his way home for a nice long Thanksgiving visit, and I can't wait to have all my guys under one roof.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I'm 50 years old, and up until now I've never worn lipstick.  Maybe a gloss here or there, but never color.  It always seemed so messy and I hated the re-application process.  Then my friend Sarah introduced me to Lipsense.  And now I'm addicted.  I want all the colors.  Lipsense goes on and stays on all day, without transferring to anyone or anything.  It's a miracle!  

I shared this Erin Condren look alike planner on my IG this week, and got some comments that the cover doesn't hold up very well.  I actually have that problem with all my planners, because I haul them everywhere.  This Happy Planner is really pretty and about 1/2 the price of an EC, so I'm going to see if I can reinforce the cover and give it a try.

My favorite moment from Grandpa Ed's recent visit - playing play doh with his youngest granddaughter.  There's a 96 year age difference, but that didn't matter.  He made her a play doh person, and she was enchanted with him, just like we all are.  P.S. Look at that pattern mixing Grandpa has going on!

The holidays are coming, and I haven't bought a single present or thought about what I'm going to wear.  Loved this post from Dawn at Fashion Should Be Fun, sharing some beautiful dresses for women over 40.

I saw this in a store window downtown, and it made me laugh.  Does anyone like raisins in cookies?  I even prefer chocolate chips in my oatmeal!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

TBB Style: What I'm Wearing

My new favorite jacket - a faux leather bomber.

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Confession:  This fall weather has made me lazy.  I've gotten into the bad habit of going from pajamas to work out clothes, then back to pj's in the evening after I shower.  Which isn't ideal for two reasons:  one, I have a big closet full of clothes I would like to wear, and two, I feel better and more productive when I actually get dressed.  As a bonus, I then manage to leave my house and go out into the world and talk to people.  Better all around.

So I've recommitted to shopping my closet and getting presentable each day.  Here's what I've been wearing:

Sweaters...lots of sweaters. 
Sweatshirts with embroidered sleeves.

Cozy cardigans
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Who I'm Thankful For

Photo credit:  asoggetti on Unsplash

The older I get, the more I realize how much the "whos" in my life mean to me.  Those people that are there, day after day, rejoicing when things are good, and lifting me up when my soul needs a soft place to land.  Challenging me to be better, but never judging when I fall.

Truly, everything else could go be gone tomorrow.  My house, my job, all the things I think I need to survive.  But strip it down, and all that matters are the "whos".

It's been exactly two years since my dad passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly.  Truth be told, he was a grumpy pain in the ass who was never going to win dad of the year. But I loved him with all my heart and he's a "who" that I miss every single day. 

In the months before we lost dad, we were slowly and sadly letting go of my uncle, as he fought his final battle with cancer.  The family had rallied around my aunt and cousins, trying to strengthen them for the day we knew was coming.  And then in an awful second it was my dad and not my uncle who was gone.  But that circle of strength and love widened and I was comforted by those "whos" who set aside their pain and helped soothe mine. 

Now, as I sit here on the other side of that difficult time, I've learned a lot about not taking the "whos" for granted.  But still, it's human nature to get caught up in the "things" and forget about the "whos".  Stuff gets in the way, we're tired and busy and caught up in all the day to day that makes a life.  So I keep that quote by Proust on my phone, and try to remember to be thankful for the "whos" that make me happy.  

My husband.
My boys.
Family that has been there since the beginning of me.
New friends and old friends.

They're my "whos", and I guess I'm theirs.

And I'm so thankful.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

I'm Thankful

I think I've finally recovered from least enough to thoughtfully answer this month's questions from The Blended Blog Asks.  My goal in November is to focus on the joy of THIS season, a time for thanksgiving, before the craziness of Christmas sets in.  Here goes!

One / I love all my blogger friends, and this year I've been very fortunate to meet some local Seattle ladies who share my passion for fashion.  They're all creative and fun and have unique style.  You'll want to follow DawnBethany, LisaChristina and Valerie.

Two / It's hard to think of something shiny that doesn't have to do with Christmas - which I'm not focusing on right now.  I am thankful that I got my shiny anniversary band in for repairs before one of the stones fell out.

Three / Last year my Uncle Rick passed away.  We were really close, and he was a big source of guidance in my life.  Recently his brother, Uncle Larry, has stepped into that role, and we've been able to strengthen our relationship and be a comfort to each other.

Four / I'm so thankful for my ordinary little life.  It's not glamorous or fancy, but I love every part of it.

Five / When my boys were small, we got new neighbors with girls the same ages, and we spent a lot of time together.  Over time we moved away and lost touch, until a few years ago when we reconnected.  Mikki and I have so much in common and love getting together for lunch and venting about our kids and husbands and wrinkles.

Six / My comfy bed.  It's the coziest, and I can't wait to get into it every night.

Seven / Our friend Todd, who was paralyzed three years ago, and told that he would never walk again.  You guys...he came over for dinner last night, and walked from his car to the house.  Yes, he leaned on my husband for balance just in case, but he moved one foot in front of the other and WALKED.  I've learned so much about persistence and faith and attitude from that man.

Eight / The little college town where Thomas goes to school.  Although I wish it was closer, he's so happy there and it's the perfect place for him.

Nine / Working out every day.  I've been super consistent since starting The Faster Way To Fat Loss, and there's nothing better for anxiety and stress.  Which I seem to have a lot of.

Ten / My husband.  Since we own a business, we see each other A LOT.  Luckily we work well together, and there's nobody else I'd rather see all day, every day.

Eleven / Reading.  Give me all the books.

Twelve / I can't pick just one, but I'm so grateful for the female family and friends in my life.  They listen to me when I'm crazy, and make me laugh, and help me be a better person.

Thirteen / Our little beach paradise, Manzanita.  Wish I was sitting there right now.

Fourteen / Those special sons of mine.  I can't imagine life without these two.

Fifteen / Thank God for fleece.  I need many layers this time of year to stay warm.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

TBB Style: What To Wear In Vegas

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of Vegas.  It's loud and crowded and I don't like to gamble.  BUT...throw in good friends, some shopping, and two bucket list concerts, and I'm in.

I love these ladies.  They inspire me and make me laugh, and never remind me that I'm almost old enough to be their mom.  Plus they let me borrow their lipstick, their earrings and their clothes.

First up:  Elton John and his million dollar piano.  I grew up listening to his music and could not wait to hear him sing live.  And we weren't disappointed.  He performed for almost two hours, and his 70 year old voice was strong and clear.  I was teary eyed during all of my favorite songs.  The outfit:

Everything is old except the pink lace top from Loft, which I highly recommend.  It's soft and the color is so pretty.

The next night:  Britney.  I couldn't wait, because I knew she was going to put on a spectacular show, and well...she's Britney, bitch.  The excitement went up by a thousand when Deena surprised us with upgraded fourth row tickets.  We were so close we could see her hair extensions, and the fact that there isn't an ounce of fat on her entire body.  We danced and sang and had the best time.

The outfit:

Spanx leather leggings borrowed from Deena, silver top from Zara, and earrings courtesy of Abbie.  I felt totally out of my comfort zone, and will likely never have another appropriate place to wear this outfit again.  But hey...Vegas and Britney, so anything goes.  I was comfy and very sparkly, and probably blinded the poor girl from the fourth row.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

TBB Asks: Thankful

It's the first Monday of the month, so time for a little TBB Asks with The Blended Blog.  I love that we're focusing on thankfulness this month.  Sometimes if feels like we jump straight to Christmas this time of year and skip right over Thanksgiving and all that it means. 

Having just come back from a glorious, much needed girls getaway in Las Vegas, I'm feeling especially sentimental and thankful today.  I have so many blessings in my life, and all of them revolve around love, family and friendship.  This weekend I was surrounded by laughter and music and positive women who know how to lift a person up and make them feel special.  I'm so grateful for their presence in my life.  

My heart is happy...but the rest of me is exhausted.  So I'm saving these questions for another day, when my brain can make sense of all the thankfulness swirling around in there.

Be sure to head over to The Blended Blog to share in the gratitude, and come back the rest of the month for more!

Friday, October 27, 2017

TBB Reads: October Book Review

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has fun fall plans this weekend.  I'm dragging my family to the pumpkin patch since the weather is supposed to be perfection.  They don't know it yet, but we're definitely doing the corn maze too!

The Blended Blog book club is going to take a little hiatus until after the first of the year, but we hope to be back with some great selections.  Let me know if you'd like to join us.

I was a reading slacker this month, and I have no idea why.  Not sure what I was doing instead of snuggling up with a good book, but I only managed to read two in October.

First up was finishing A Year In Provence by Peter Mayle, about a British couple who purchase a home in France.

I really enjoy travel books, especially ones where the characters immerse themselves in the culture and jump right in with the locals.  Although this book felt a little outdated, it was also charming and witty.  Honestly, who doesn't dream of leaving everything behind and moving to the French countryside?  Thumbs up.

Our theme for October was "books that have been made into a movie", and I was finally ready to read Wonder by R.J. Palacio, which will be out in theaters November 17th.

I have to admit I'd avoided reading Wonder.  My cousin Scotty was severely burned at the age of four by a fire that jumped from his parent's BBQ to the sandbox he was playing in.  Even after many months in the hospital and countless surgeries, his face and ears remained disfigured.  Scotty was bullied and made fun of his entire life, and he only lived to be 21.  

When I saw the trailer for the movie, I was shocked at how much the little boy playing Auggie looks like Scotty.  And I knew it was time to finally read the book.

Scotty at 10.  
I shouldn't have waited so long.  Wonder is completely wonderful.  As Auggie leaves home schooling behind and heads off to middle school, he's afraid of how the other students will respond to his abnormal looks.  What happens next will make you laugh and cry and give you a little faith in humanity.  We can all learn something about bravery from Auggie, and friendship from Jack.  I only wish Scotty could have found someone like Jack in his short life.  He might still be here today.

Wonder is the most heartwarming book I've read in years, and everyone should read it.  Two big thumbs up.

Head over to The Blended Blog to link up your book related posts.  With the book club on hold, I'd love suggestions for what to read next!
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