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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Light In The Darkness

While the last few days have been difficult, there have been some very bright lights. Prayers and good thoughts coming in from all over the country.  A rival football team forfeiting a playoff game so that our high school could take first place.  Kids setting aside their differences and supporting each other.

And my hubby writing a blog post for me, which I'm sharing below:

On Friday our community was devastated when a young man came to one of our high schools and took the lives of fellow students along with his own.  He succeeded in changing the lives of all who are involved in this community forever. 

As a father, I like to fix things and move on.  My wife and two boys came home with pain and grief that I had never seen before that day.  It's not that we haven't lost people in our lives before, but we have never lost them in such a senseless way, with such a presence of evil.  One of the victims was a fourteen year old girl from our neighborhood. She will never be seen in this life again because of this act.  Her family is forever changed, and as a parent, I can say that they will never recover.

We had boys and girls from the high schools at our home all weekend as the details unfolded, and I watched all the lives in my living room struggle to make sense of something that will never have reason associated with it.  As a fixer I could only stand there and watch, feed them a meal or two, and try to help them feel safe.  I did a poor job as a fixer this weekend.  (Editor's note:  Not true!)

On Sunday I tried to bring about some normalcy by running errands with my older son. We received a call from some friends who run a local animal rescue, saying that they were getting nineteen new puppies.  My wife and younger son wanted to see them so we headed that way.  When we arrived, I witnessed two women who have devoted their lives to saving animals that cannot protect themselves.  This cause is their absolute passion and they do it well.  I don't know exactly how many animals they have saved over the years, but I'm sure it's in the hundreds if not the thousands.  As my family was "oohing and aahing" over the pups (dad's not an oohing kind of guy), a thought struck me.

In this time of darkness that has enveloped our community, there are people who will not accept this in their lives.  They make an effort every day to protect God's creatures who cannot protect themselves, thus bringing light into dark.  We have now stood witness to an act of evil that has no equal in our community, yet these people shine their light by caring for these small puppies.  There are students from other communities that are saying NO, you are not alone in this, and we are standing with you.  There are people from all over the country that are going out and helping a stranger with some small act of kindness, to counteract the darkness.

I believe that in life, every action has an equal reaction.  For every darkness there is an equal amount of lightness bearing down.  While we struggle with questions of safety and normalcy and the black that is trying to envelope this community, I want to say that lightness is there.  As a fixer, I am going to cut a hole the size of a football field in my life so I can make it shine on my family and community.  God bless.


  1. Bravo! Sometimes everything can't be fixed, but you're showing your family how to go on despite hurt and pain. My heart goes out to you and your community.

  2. What a perfect message! Showing your family how to go on is so important!


  3. I read this post this morning and I have been thinking about it all day. Reading it again tonight, I am still struck mute, unable to voice any thoughts past the lump in my throat. If all people in the world were Lanas and Lana's hubbies - there would be so much light that the darkness would never stand a chance.
    I think that by writing this post you have already cut a hole much bigger than a football field. Thank you.

  4. It's intersting to read the very similar perspectives from you and your hubby. What is each of your boys perspectives? It was brave of you husband to share his view point. I feel extremely fortunate to homeschool my youngest kids while utilizing a parent partnership program. just saw a great documentary about revamping education so the parents are more involved. It's so much more than the stereotypes associated with homeschooling. It's achievable without having a degree in teaching and is more sociable than customary school. Fear is replaced with curiosity. You can read about Class Dismissed here Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  5. Beautiful post by your husband. And a beautiful puppy too!
    There are certainly many people who are helpers and safekeepers, and we will always outnumber the rest.

  6. I love this post, it's timely, beautiful and perfect.

    Also, the cute, squishy puppy face made me smile ;) I'm a sucker for puppies

  7. This post simply sines with hope. Bless you. And bless your community and all who refuse to let the darkness take over. Love and prayers going your way.

  8. We live in a town next to Newtown Connecticut and it was such a bad time last year for us. There was a heaviness that persisted for a few weeks.Everything felt hopeless. It does lift but it seems like innocence is lost somehow. Blessings to you and your town! Linda

  9. you have such a way with words and find courage to write what you feel despite such very tragic news. unfortunately schools are not the on
    lay unsafe institutions anymore, all public places are. from restaurants to movie theaters to shopping malls this country has seen way too many shooting and such darkness that makes no sense. I love my very young daughter with all of my heart but I also worry if in the future I can protect her from the senseless and the unknown.

    1. the only unsafe - sorry typo. I am typing from a touch-pad.


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