My New Happy: Grandma's African Violet Part II

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grandma's African Violet Part II

I'm re-running this post about an African Violet my grandmother gave me 24 years ago...

When my husband and I got married and moved into our first apartment, my grandmother gave us an African Violet as a housewarming gift.

As she handed the little purple flower to me, I was a bit dismayed.  I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to keeping plants alive.  I figured by the next time she came to visit it would be dead. She assured me that African Violets are a hardy plant and easy to care for.  Apparently she had more faith in my horticulture skills than I did.

That was 24 years ago.  Not only is it still alive, but it blooms regularly and is as beautiful as the day she gave it to us.  Other than each other, it's one of the few things we have from our newlywed days.

We have replanted it over the years, and I have to confess that I let my husband take care of it most of the time, since his thumb is much greener than mine. Several times we thought it wasn't going to make it, but in the end it always lives to bloom another day.

My grandmother passed away suddenly almost eight years ago.  Every time I look at my African Violet sitting in the kitchen window, it reminds me of her.

I miss you, grandma.  Thanks for having so much faith in me.


  1. love this, I'm a horrible gardener/plant owner but my mom's house is filled with plants and she knows the story behind most of them. I'd offer to take some but I always kill them... maybe I can take one of her african violets ;)

  2. 24 years!!!! Wow!!! We have a family rose bush that was plated first over hundred years ago, when my husbands great-great-great parents came to US from Sweden!

  3. Sigh, so beautiful!
    I'm not very good with keeping plants alive either so I'd be dismayed initially too.
    It's the gift that keeps on giving, though.

  4. Brought tears to my eyes! Love the Grandmas of the world who have so much faith in us!

  5. this was so touching and beautiful. that is one beautiful flower and the story goes to show you that grandmas legacy and her love will always live on.


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