My New Happy: Be Brave and Skydive

Friday, June 10, 2016

Be Brave and Skydive

Yep, that's me.  Last Sunday, approximately 9:40am.  The cool and calm guy, firmly attached to my back (thank you, Lord), is my new best friend, Kelly. I'm sure he hasn't given me a second thought, but when you put your life in the hands of someone you just met, you feel pretty bonded to them....for life.

WHY was I skydiving?  Because apparently I haven't learned any lessons after 25 years of marriage.  Exhibit A:  I should never tell my husband that I'm interested in doing something adventurous.  Years ago I mentioned that I might like to skydive for my 50th birthday.  No, I'm not 50 yet.  He thought it would be fun to surprise me a year early.  Isn't he wonderful?

Luckily, he didn't tell me until a few hours before the jump.  Even so, thoughts of divorce and/or murder were running through my mind as I signed the most disturbing ten page release form I've ever seen.  My advice to future skydivers: don't torture yourself by reading it.  In summary, you could die, break every bone, or end up in a wheelchair.  And you can't sue them.  But have fun!

Note that the husband was not skydiving with me.  Since he also refuses to go on most rides at Disney, this was not shocking.  But I did have two companions.

A very short time later, we were suited up and done with training.  Do we look excited?  Not sure what the boys were thinking, but I was trying to figure out how to get out of this adventure. Me and my big mouth.  I finally decided that I needed to get brave, so I climbed into the plane, let Kelly strap himself to my back, and we took off.

At this point, I mentioned to Kelly that it was a long way back down.  He shared that we were ascending three times higher before we jumped.  I did not need to know that. 

When we reached 13,000 feet, final preparations were made, which included putting on this lovely head gear.  I asked how the helmet would help in case of a crash landing, but Kelly just laughed.

The doors opened, and T was the first to go.  We were so. high. up.  At this moment I realized that not only was I going to actually do this, but I was letting my babies fall out of a plane.  That thought scared me more than anything else.

Next up was C.  He was ready to go.

And suddenly it was my turn.  We scooted to the edge of the plane, and I could not look down.  I was completely terrified.  But as soon as we were out and away, I felt like I was flying.  There was no sensation of falling, just an exhilirating rush of soaring and swooping. The free fall lasted for sixty seconds, and then Kelly pulled the parachute. 

Amazing!  We floated while Kelly pointed out landmarks.  I could see Seattle, Puget Sound, and all the mountains.  Kelly spotted the boys and took off after them.  He wanted to land first to take pictures of them coming in.

Five minutes later we were approaching earth.

Legs up, and we landed smoothly on our butts.  The boys were right behind.

There's nothing like the feeling of standing on terra firma.

Would I do it again?  Not anytime soon.  Just looking at these pictures makes my heart race.

But I do have a different outlook on life this week.  I'm at a crossroads, trying to decide which way to go.  I know I can't follow the boys, so I have to find a new path and make my own way.  Skydiving made me feel brave and strong and up to the challenge.

I'm going to figure it out, and I'm going to be okay.

I'll just stay on the ground while I do it.


  1. I don't think I'll ever go skydiving but you are inspiring me to be braver! I loved seeing this recap! What an exciting accomplishment!

    Doused In Pink

  2. These photos and this experience are PRICELESS, So PROUD of you sweet Lana, isn't it such a good feeling...You did it and think how proud your hubs and boys are, they are just beaming and so are you!! Happy weekend beautiful!!

  3. AWESOME! You are my hero : )


  4. Way too cool...the photos are awesome, I loved seeing the play by play!

  5. I love the pics wish I could have been right there with you. I think it was probably more terrifying for you to watch the boys go first! You are brave and you can do anything that you want to do...starting with a whole new website! I've been putting images back that I think fit you and your style and I'm dying to get to work on it! As soon as we figure it all out!! Have fun and stay on the ground!

  6. You're amazing! Military Husband won't let me do this because one of his friends was a skydiving teacher and he used to grab the girls boobs and butt when he tandem'ed. Lol. I know. I KNOW. LOL

  7. I love it so much! They got such great shots! They lost all of my video and photos that they took, I was super sad...but not sad enough to go again, LOL! So fun that you shared this with your boys :) I got to go with my Dad.

    1. OH and I know what you can do after the boys leave...come visit me...lots!

  8. Oh my gosh. My stomach dropped just looking at these photos. You are the coolest mom ever. What an amazing memory to create with your boys!!!

  9. LANA!!! I cannot believe you did this. I am so impressed, but terrified looking at these photos! I'd never skydive in a million years, but I have so much respect that you did. I think I'm a little scared of you now :-) Brava!!! I'm so pleased you did this and a big gold star to your husband for surprising you a year early... you sure weren't expecting that!

  10. Noooooo! OMG you are so brave! Love that you did this! You go, Girl!

  11. This totally freaks me out just looking at the pictures! Congratulations on taking the jump, literally!

  12. Oh my you are one brave soul! Very kewl pictures way would I ever do that! Ha...good for you for being brave..such amazing pics!


  13. Oh wow! You are one brave person. Praying for you and your next path...

    Daily Style Finds

  14. I was going to say.. watching my kids fall out first. Wow. And 60 seconds of freefall is long. I bet it was the longest minute ever. And maybe the most exhilarating.
    Your husband is like me. I chickened out so much at Disney World.
    Somehow I think I'd do this, though.

  15. Okay Lana, my heart was in my throat... you are so much braver than I am... I have a fear of heights so that is one of the reasons I wanted to go zip lining... that is more my limits for now... who knows what the future holds...

    I am sure you will figure it all out, your husband is pretty sweet to organize this for you xox

  16. My heart is in my throat. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I don't know how you did this. Truly. You are amazing. I am breaking into a cold sweat as I type this. Oh Lord. So glad Kelly took good care of you and that you and your babies returned to Earth and earth, safe and sound. Bravo, my friend.

  17. Omg this is so amazing!!! I feel such a sense of pride reading this post you brave lady you!

  18. What great pictures, and fun that you shared this adventure with your boys. Although, I must admit, even before you mentioned it I was thinking about how the hardest part for me would have been worrying about my kids doing it too! Now, I think you can never consider yourself not brave again!

  19. Oh my goodness! That looked terrifying and exciting! Great pictures.

  20. Wow Lana! I'm so impressed! My sil did this a few months back with her son. And then my son did it last Sunday with his cousin (same guy.) I was traveling and so I didn't get to be there and take pics. Maybe that was a good thing! I'm proud of you!


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