My New Happy: Motivational Monday LIV

Monday, June 13, 2016

Motivational Monday LIV

Today, like everyone else, I feel a heavy weight of sadness.  For the victims of the shooting in Orlando, for my friends and family in the LGBT community, and frankly, for all of us.

I feel a sense of deja vu.  My town experienced gun violence almost two years ago, and we have not recovered.  We probably never will, fully.

But mostly, I feel anger.  Against hatred and prejudice, and against those who act on that hatred.  No matter what information unfolds over the next days and weeks, this was a hate crime by an evil person.  

Will stricter gun laws solve the problem?  Maybe.  But I was raised with friends in law enforcement, and they've told me that bad guys will always find a way to get guns.  Will greater work to identify and help those with mental illness help? I don't know.

Do we need to stop being so damn politically correct, and dig deep to get to the roots of the problems within this country?  Stop talking about it, and do something?  Most definitely yes.

We need to create a world where there is no room for hate.  Where our hearts are filled with love.  A world where we have peace, because we know that we belong to each other.

I just wish I knew where to start.

**Thanks to my friend Abbie at Grumbling Grace for sharing this quote on her IG feed yesterday.


  1. I pray for peace and love to fill the souls of the haters...
    Beautiful Quote...if only everyone could be like Mother Teresa

  2. What a perfect quote! I don't know whey there is so much hate in the world. Praying for peace.

    Doused In Pink

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  4. It is a terrible tragedy.

    As a Canadian, although we do have some gun violence, I am grateful that we do not live in a gun culture. Killing people en mass has become far too easy.


  5. Beautiful quote. If we would just all remember it...

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  6. This is such a sad and horrible incident... I most definitely believe this is/was a hate crime. As for stricter gun control, I know these 'people' will find a way to get the guns they want... however; I wish it wasn't so easy to get them legally...

    I also don't know how anyone that goes through something like this ever truly recovers.. I feel so sad for all involved, it has touched so many individuals... I pray for peace xox

  7. I keep typing and erasing words here. Thoughts fail me - except that I know humanity has to figure out a way to end these violent, senseless acts.

  8. Very well said, my friend. It's so hard when we don't really have the answers or the solutions to this problem but it weighs so heavily on my heart. Right now I just pray for peace for the victims' families.

  9. Exactly where to start with hate and or bigotry that fill some people's heart instead of love and good will. Add guns and it is too volatile.

  10. I agree I think that if we could do a combination of both. We don't need guns like the one used in this and most other shootings available to the public. Why does anyone other than maybe someone living in Alaska need with a gun that shoots so much so fast. I don't get it. We need a better way of figuring out who can and can't own one. That man couldn't get on an airplane yet he could by an assault rifle. How screwed up is that!

  11. Ugh so awful and terrible... it truly saddens me as well. This was such an honest and raw post and I totally appreciate!! No room for hate.

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  12. Since the beginning of time there has been conflict and hate. I don't know that it will ever be completely resolved. I am proud that from this terrible tragedy and evil there seems to have come, at least momentarily, more acceptance of and/or tolerance for the LGBT community. And that is a step in the right direction, in my opinion. Living in a border town, I absolutely think we need stricter immigration policies and screening...saying that as we are bringing more Syrian refugees into El Paso this week. Have to wonder how many have been screened.

  13. I wish I knew too. Love trumps hate, always, but I'm scared to raise my kids here.

  14. There are too many crazy people in this world. :(


  15. Love this post and I love that quote!! Thanks for the shout out! :-)

  16. They both go hand in hand. The motivation is needed so you can get off the ground and take action. Homepage


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