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Friday, September 2, 2016

August In Numbers

I don't think we've ever had a busier summer, and the days have flown by.  I missed July, but wanted to share my August in numbers, and on Monday I'll be linking up with Deena.

Let's start with the peaches - oh, the peaches!  Every August my husband brings home a big box from Eastern Washington.  And then we buy more at the Farmer's Market.  I've probably consumed 30 peaches, give or take 10 or so! By the way, I also tried 1 pluot, and wasn't a fan.  Tastes like a plum.

31 days spent helping mom decide on finishes for her new house.  Yep, every single day there was a decision to be made about paint colors, flooring, counter tops, lighting. Everything should be done in the next few weeks, and after a year of living with us, she'll finally have her own home again.

1 baseball game with my boys.  They retired Ken Griffey's number 24, and Conner wanted to see him.  The rain held off, the Blue Angels flew over, and we won. Perfect day.

I'm on month 5 of Invisalign.  There's been a huge change with my front teeth, but wearing rubber bands is a pain in the butt.  Only 2 more years to go!

I spent 6 hours with a group of Seattle fashion bloggers, learning about ways to use social media better and write fashion content.  I wasn't the only old fogie in the room, and Style Lab was really beneficial.  More to come soon...

We drove 285.5 miles to drop Thomas off at college, spent a day getting him settled in his dorm, then drove 285.5 miles back.  I may have been crying the entire way home.  And I also ate 20 Canadian maple leaf cream cookies (yep, the entire box), because doesn't that make everyone feel better?  It's been 14 days since I've seen him, but there has been texting and facetime.  Thank God for cell phones.

Our puppy is almost 4 months old.  He and Abby are inseparable, and won't sleep unless they're touching each other.  So adorable.

Our trip to Paris is coming up soon, and I've spent a gazillion hours reading and planning. We're kind of flying by the seat of our pants, which is new for me. I'm getting so excited!

That's a wrap on August.  Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!


  1. Happy Fri-YAY beautiful!! LOVE the pups picture! It's been 26 days since I've seen the older one, and 19 the 2nd, oh so still missing them. I'd eat all those cookies too, I ate a bag of peanut butter M&M's on my way home! lol HAVE THE BEST HOLIDAY weekend!!! ;-)

  2. Your pups are so cute! I can't wait to hear about Style Lab! Have a wonderful long weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Where can I get Canadian maple leaf cream cookies?? The ones from Trader Joe's?
    Also, the puppy picture is just too cute. Too much!!
    I don't like plums much, nor pluots, but peaches are divine.

  4. Ok, so I have to admit I had to google "pluot." So that's what they are. I'll look for them during tomorrow's farmer's market visit. We are blessed to have both a peach and a plum tree in our backyard and this year we got quite a lot of fruit. Perhaps not as many as a professional would however way more than last year. The peaches were especially prolific. As for those Canadian maple leaf cream cookies? Yum. I think they taste like the original version of the Brownie (or Girl Scout) cookies that we used to get up here in Canada. At least the ones I've tried. Come on up and let's share a box or six!

  5. Lana you certainly had quite a month in August... I think it's perfectly fine to eat a whole box of cookies.. it does make you feel better... :)

    It's good that you have social media to keep in contact with your son... it's a wonderful thing with technology xox

    I am trilled you will be getting to go to Paris... I am sure you and your hubby will have the best time there... xox

    1. Oh and I LOVE peaches when they are in season, I buy lots of boxes, those look so delicious xox

  6. Those peaches look amazing! I hope your boy (and you) are adjusting. It is so tough when that first one goes away from home.

  7. Ahhh! Paris is so darn close! Haha. I'm so excited for you!

  8. Oh that fruit. What a month of change and growth. I am feeling for you with college and distance. Your puppy is one of our new IG infatuations around here! I hope you have so much fun in Paris!

  9. sooooo excited (and jealous) of your trip!!!!!!!!!!!! how amazing is that!!!

  10. Aaahhhh I am so excited for you about Paris!!

  11. Yep. I think August was truly a month for memories. Pass the cookies!

  12. That picture of your dogs is so adorable! And I love Pluots, you know they have different kinds? There's one, I can't remember the name of it, but it has a green skin and it is SO good!


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