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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What's In My....Kitchen

It's Tuesday, and time for the last installment of TBB's What's In My series. Today the ladies are talking kitchens, and I decided to join up.

I'm fortunate to have a fairly large pantry.  Which is a good thing, because my husband likes to cook, so we have lots of gadgets and goodies, and they need a place to live.  There may or may not be a lot of chocolate in there too.

There's nothing too exciting inside, except my expandable shelves, which I bought last year at Target.  Luckily I never took the label off, so I could show you what it's called!

Total pantry changer.  Now I can see everything at once, without moving things around. Makes it so much easier to cook and write a grocery list.

I've got a similar thing going on in the spice cabinet, except this is just a wire rack.

Side note:  those spices from Savory Spice Shop are the best.  Especially the Murray River Sea Salt.  You will never use regular salt again.  And that Red Robin seasoning salt hiding in the back belongs to my son, who puts it on everything.  I'm surprised he didn't take it to college with him.

Be sure to head over to The Blended Blog to start the blog hop and see what fun things the other ladies have in their kitchens!


  1. My tiny pantry is a disaster and those expandable shelves might be the answer! My husband is the cook in our house too and with our pantry an eighth of the size as our old one, everything extra is on shelves in the basement. Thanks for sharing!

    Doused In Pink

  2. great spice tip, I buy my spices from spice sage, but going to give them a try. This was so fun! I am fortunate to have a large pantry and thank goodness cause I don't know where I'd fit it all. Lol.

  3. Lana, I like the expandable shelves... we don't have Target here in Canada anymore... but I will have to check the other stores... I've seen these but they would work great in my kitchen xox

  4. So well organized! I'm impressed : )


  5. See now this is just making me hungry! Our pantry was super disorganized but when we were in Alaska, ants got into the house, so we wound up doing a major cleaning job on it.

  6. Those expandable shelves are so clever. Absolutely going to be on the look out for them. Will make figuring out what I have too much or too little of in a hurry. Bet I can order them on Amazon and have them here this week! Thanks for sharing and for joining us.

  7. I think I need an expandable shelf for one of my shelves! Brilliant idea! Thanks for letting us snoop! ;)

  8. I've never heard of Savory Spice Shop, but I'll have to check it out! My favorite spices are from Penzey's, if I can make a trip there. I used to have some of those expandable shelves at our old place!


  9. I wished my kitchen closet looked like that! So organised!

  10. Yay for an organized pantry. I was forced to organize mine when we had the house tented...nothing like the threat of poisonous gas to get your to clean out your pantry :)

  11. I can't wait for George to cook for me with all the yummy things in that pantry!


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