My New Happy: 5 Favorite Kitchen Tools

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 Favorite Kitchen Tools

With Thanksgiving week upon us, there's a lot of cookin' going on in kitchens across America.  Today I'm participating in a blog hop with my friends from The Blended Blog, to share some of our favorite kitchen tools.  If you're stopping by from Katie's blog, welcome!

Let's be honest.  If you know me at all, you are well aware that the kitchen is NOT my natural habitat. I don't enjoy cooking, and it shows in my complete lack of culinary skills.  However, I'm no dummy, so I married a man who loves to cook.  Our friends and family can't wait to come our house for dinner, as long as my hubby is in the kitchen.

Having said that, my number one favorite kitchen "tool" is definitely this guy.

He can open the refrigerator, and within thirty minutes, there's something delicious on the table.  But since I can't share him with you, here are a few other things that make life easier in the kitchen.

- We grill a lot of salmon at our house, and the fish flipper makes turning a long filet much easier.  It's also perfect for pizzas and panini's.

- If you do find me in the kitchen, I'm probably making cookies.  The cookie dough scoop makes a perfect ball of dough every time, and it's also helpful for scooping melon.

- I use the avocado saver several times a week.  It really does work to keep the avocado from becoming brown after cutting.

- My newest kitchen tool is the spiralizer, and there are thousands of recipes using this gadget. Our favorite is to spiralize zucchini and use it in place of pasta.  So yummy!

Head to Lisa's blog next for some kitchen tool stocking stuffers and gift ideas!


  1. I learned about a few new items for the kitchen, I like that cookie dough scooper... it would make the cookies pretty uniform... and I never heard of a spiralizer ... I am going to have to look into that one xox

  2. Haha! My husband is my #1 kitchen tool too! I really want to get a spiralizer to make healthier noodles.

    Doused In Pink

  3. I just had zucchini noodles for the first time the other night and I'm hooked! I definitely want a spiralizer for Christmas!

  4. You are too funny! My husband can make anything in no time - and has so many amazing ideas - husbands that can cook are the best!

    Daily Style Finds

  5. Awww that is the BEST!! Love that your husband is your #1 go-to! I really need a cookie scoop!!

  6. I forgot about my cookie scoop - use mine for making meatballs as well! I've seen a lot about the spiraler but never used one...

  7. OH I JUST LOVE YOU! What a sweet opening to your blog post. You did score big with a husband who likes to cook. But he scored a fabulous life partner, too, even if the kitchen isn't your favorite room in the house. Your gadgets are all very useful but your first one is the best. XO Thank you for warming my heart.

  8. What interesting tools you picked (besides your hubby! ha!). The only one I have in common is the cookie scoop. I actually have three sizes! I'm intrigued by the spiralizer. I've heard about them for a while now but I'm so skeptical. What could be better than pasta??? Can zucchini even compare??

  9. Fish flipper...interesting. My favourite thing on your list is your man.

  10. I just got one of those zucchini spiralizers, but now a big machine like yours! Mine is a hand one... I didn't even know they had zucchini savers! Huh! I will have to look for that, I've never seen it before. My hubby is good at cooking, but rarely cooks. I wish he cooked more! haha!


  11. I never even knew such a thing existed like the avocado saver! Perfect! And the cookie dough scooper seems smart. I don't cook a lot but I love to bake.
    We do a lot of salmon too!

  12. I love the fish flipper! I'm not thrilled about cooking either. I do it because I have to. Hubby does almost all of the other stuff so I take care of that.


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