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Monday, November 21, 2016

Mindful Monday: Gratitude

Practicing gratitude.

So important, but so hard to do.  For me, anyway.  I'm the first one to spiral down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts. When I focus only on the negative, it feeds more negativity, and pretty soon I have a distorted view of reality.  And it's not a good one.

Research has shown that expressing gratitude builds on itself and becomes easier.  Eventually we start to look upon challenges with a healthier perspective.

During this week of thankfulness, I want to make a mindful effort to begin the process of rewiring my brain to fire in more positive ways.  I've chosen the "love rock" that I found at the beach last year as my gratitude trigger, the thing that will remind me to stop and practice gratitude.

For five minutes every day, I will think of three or four things that I'm grateful for.  What touched me?  Who or what inspired me?  What made me smile?  What's the best thing that happened that day? I'll picture each one, and ask myself why?  Then, I'll think of something that I'm "ungrateful" for, and come up with things that are good about it, the hidden lessons or silver linings.

The first thing I'm grateful for?  All of you.  Thanks for reading, and commenting, and being supportive.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


  1. Lana what a great idea... the rock is pretty, I like how you decorated it... I think we all need to have reminders of gratitude, it is easy to be negative but we all should be working towards finding the positive... Have a great week xox

  2. You are precious and you inspire me!!! I love your love rock and your sweet HEART!!! Happy Monday beautiful!!

  3. Love the idea of the gratitude practice- I think that would be a great way to divert the crazy thoughts.

  4. It's so easy to fall into the negativity trap. Love this idea to take five to be grateful everyday!

    Doused In Pink

  5. Ohh! I love that you are taking it a step further but thinking of ways to turn around your ungrateful thoughts!

  6. Such a great message for this week!

  7. You are just one of the most thoughtful and grateful people I know. Thank you for the influence you have in my life. hugs to you!

  8. A wonderful positive message.


  9. That's a good thing. I also use a stone, although its not such a beautiful one as yours. I keep it next to my bed and rub it when I am feeling down.

  10. AW.. I'm grateful for you too!
    Scarlet gave me this really smooth, rectangular rock. I hold it in my hands a lot and it makes me happy.

  11. Crazy! I had a gratitude stone that I would hold at night before falling asleep while thinking of five things during the day that I was thankful for. Then I would pass it to my PC to do the same thing. Need to reinstitute that! Thank you for the reminder. Beautiful post.

  12. A great reminder to keep our gratitude muscle toned just like the rest.


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