My New Happy: Yves Saint Laurent With A Friend

Friday, November 18, 2016

Yves Saint Laurent With A Friend

Way back in my college days, when I studied fashion, I thought briefly about design. However, there were two teensy problems:  I cannot draw at ALL, and sewing makes me break out in hives.

Thus my illustrious career was over before it began.

I did love studying fashion history, and Yves Saint Laurent was always one of my favorites.  He was a creative genius and a true artist.  His ability to adapt his style to the changes in fashion kept him at the forefront of the industry for decades.  The trends changed, but you could always pick out a YSL design.

When I heard that his exhibition was coming to the Seattle Art Museum, I couldn't wait to visit.  I asked my husband. I asked my sister.  I asked a few friends. Nobody was interested.  But then Deena came to town, and I knew she'd love it as much as me.

One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition were the sketches of his collections, paired with fabric swatches. Absolutely brilliant, and they made my little fashion brain so happy.

This was my very favorite dress.  Although YSL did color so well, he also had a way with fabric and proportion...and magic.  He dreamed up beautiful creations and then brought them to life.  This dress sparkled and floated, and reminded me why fashion is such an important facet of the art world.

To see more, head over to Deena's blog.  We chose designs for each of our Blended Blog friends, and she wrote a really fun post showcasing the pictures and describing how we picked each dress.


  1. I wish I'd have been there to go with you guys! Looks so amazing, I love things like that! Have a spectacular weekend beauty!

  2. This exhibit looks amazing! I'd love to see the sketches! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I love seeing pictures of the dresses from your camera!

  4. I'm so jealous that you got to see this show AND spend time together!

  5. How cool is that?! So happy that you were able to find a great friend to go to the exhibit with!

  6. Deena is so sweet to come in town to go with you! Those sketches, seriously?! They're almost as amazing as the finished pieces.


    1. Ditto what Carrie says. The "rough" draft of the pieces are works of art in their own right. What a terrific activity to enjoy together.

  7. Happy serendipity!! Love that red, gold straight and your fave dress. Those are my top picks from all the photos!

  8. How fun!! Your fave dress is so dreamy. So excited you were able to experience this visit.

  9. Lana... I too have very little artistic ability and although I have sewed, it's not my fortay... I do however; appreciate beautiful creations by designers... especially designers that last years in the business. They truly have a way of changing and always keeping a small piece of themselves in their work.

    I have missed you Lana... I love the look of your blog and the new name... it is so pretty... what a great new name for your blog xox I really needed some time off blogging but I missed the blogging world a great deal and I especially missed writing xox

  10. What a neat experience! That last dress does look like it's floating. So cool!

  11. Oh wow! What a fantastic exhibit to attend with another blogger : )


  12. Same! I have pants with a small rip and sewing makes me break out in hives. I take stuff to the tailor or Cassidy does it with me.
    This is a fun adventure with a fellow bloggers!

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