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Monday, December 12, 2016

My Holiday Home

Happy Monday, and welcome to the third stop on The Blended Blog's holiday home tour.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, just north of Seattle.  And though it seems like we should get buckets of snow, the constant weather battle between the mountains and the Puget Sound keeps us fairly mild.  This winter is shaping up to be cold and wet though, so there may be more days like this one!

Last year I shared some of my favorite Christmas decorations, so today I'm highlighting a few new things, and some oldies but goodies.

This room is my favorite during the holidays.  It's warm and cozy, and I love to sit on the couch, enjoying the twinkling lights, with a good book.  This is where we open presents on Christmas morning, and Santa always leaves a few special gifts under the tree.

On last year's tour, I mentioned our missing baby Jesus, who was eventually found in my husband's sock drawer. And there's another mystery.  If you look closely at the bookshelf below, on the left of the fifth shelf down, you'll see that we only have two wise men.  They belonged to my mother in law, who received them as a wedding gift over sixty years ago.  After she passed, and we were cleaning out her home, we found that the third wise man was gone. So we have gold and myrrh, but no frankincense!

I think the room is even prettier at night.

This quilt was a special gift from my grandmother, and it stays on this chair year round.

My father loved penguins, and had quite a collection.  His favorite was "Algonquin", a carved wooden fellow that stood in the front yard, and wore a santa hat during the holidays.  When I look at this pillow, it reminds me of dad and Algonquin.

I've been collecting Lenox Christmas china since we got married, and try to add one new piece each year.

This is my favorite new ornament, purchased at the Louvre when we were in Paris.

The second tree lights up our family room.  I was worried that the puppy would find it a little too interesting, but he hasn't seemed to notice.  I think he's just biding his time, waiting for the right moment to find out how all the ornaments taste.

I redid the mantel in this room, adding a wreath and some greenery.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit.  Hop over to Andrea's house next - I'm sure it will be lovely!  And come back tomorrow for our third progressive dinner, featuring easy recipes to make the week after Christmas, when we're all worn out!


  1. So enchanting and cozy! Your Christmas dishes are beautiful, your trees are magical and yay to getting such a beautiful ornament to remember Paris by!

  2. I love your Leonx collection and Paris ornament! Your home looks so cozy and festive!

    Doused In Pink

  3. and you got snow for your outside picture!!! I love how cozy trees make the house feel- although I know for a fact it's already quite cozy :)

  4. Can I just say how much I adore your Christmas stockings? Wonderful. You whole house looks great.

    We just got our first real dump of snow for the year. All I can think is, "I can't wait for winter to be over!".


  5. Lana, what a beautiful home. Love the greenery and Christmas pillows! And everything lit up at night is so cozy. Love the Paris ornament too! Merry Christmas!

  6. That room at night is magical! I love buying special ornaments to remember special trips by! I have a Paris ornament too! Thank you for the lovely tour! You have two fireplaces?? That's super cozy!

  7. So perfectly cozy! I would be permanently under a blanket with a cup of cocoa and a good book if I were you. Such a perfect holiday look!

  8. Thanks for inviting me in. Your home does look warm and cozy and inviting for cookies and hot chocolate if this weather repeats!

  9. I love it! Hope you enjoy having the kids home for the holidays!!!

  10. Christmas decor is always better at night! I love the new addition to the tree, I'm a a sucker for vacation ornaments.

  11. I love Christmas lights at night, too. Your home has a lot of Christmas memories - which is a perfect way to remember/honor those we love.

    Daily Style Finds

    1. I enjoyed reading this post. It was engaging from start to finish.

  12. OMGosh! I have the same Christmas China! I love my Lenox Holiday! It holds a special place in my heart because my mother-in-law gifted me with place settings every year for MANY years! Your decor looks fabulous, Lana! Love the new Paris ornament, too! I've got to find the ornament I bought in Hawaii and put it on our tree! Thanks for the reminder!

  13. This is really gorgeous! Magazine style. The big question is - how did baby Jesus wind up in the sock drawer???

  14. Everyone seems to take photos of their rooms at night, I really need to try that next year. I love your Paris ornament, we have one (not like yours) on our tree, too! I love the story of the missing wise man and the baby Jesus... Your home is beautiful!


  15. Simple but beautiful. I love the stockings with all the evergreen branches by them. And your trees all look nice. That is one pretty lit living room.

    Cannot wait to share my home soon. Loved seeing this.

  16. Your beautiful Christmas home reflects the state you live in so perfectly. Love all of the little touches, the stockings, the Christmas china. Oh, that ornament from Paris. Such a great idea. It would be fun to collect them from all of your travels. Your trees and deer would be perfect in on my mantel too.

  17. So pretty! I love everything, your trees are just perfect. The china is so pretty, love that you collect it. And the Paris ornament, so pretty!

  18. I'm totally missing a wise man too! and I'm cracking up about baby Jesus in the drawer. Haha Your china is so sweet. I tell myself every year I'm going to begin investing in something like this but never do.

  19. Your home is lovely and I appreciated all the little tidbits about your family that made the deocations special.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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