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Friday, December 9, 2016

This Holiday Season, I...

What happened to 2016?

It's such a cliche, and I'm sorry to use it here.  But seriously, this was the fastest year of my life.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Eleven months ago I wrote about how much I was dreading 2016.  Looking back, the things I was worried about came to be, along with some losses that weren't expected.  I'm ready to see this year go.

But a lot of good stuff happened too.  Fun times, and family, and celebrations, and Paris, and love. Lots and lots of love.  Mixed in with the sadness, there was so much happy.  Unfortunately, I often coasted through, missing the best parts.   I was too busy looking ahead, always worrying.

If I'm honest with myself, that's the story of my life.  I'm surrounded by so much goodness, so many blessings.  But I keep holding my breath, waiting for the difficult, or sad, or hard thing that maybe will happen.

There are only three weeks left in 2016, and they are days filled with joy and the magic of the Christmas season.  It's all there if I'll only let it be.

As I sit here writing, it's snowing for the first time in four years.  Everything is quiet and still, fresh and new.  I'm pretty sure there's a message in that snowfall.

So this holiday season, I....

Will slow the heck down.  I'll take a good look around, and focus on the happy.  I will take time, and make time, for friends and family, and myself.  I won't worry so much, and if I start to go there, I will simply take a deep breath and exhale.

But most of all, I will do everything from a place of love.  Love got me through 2016.  It's time to stop holding my breath, and give some back.

I'm linking up today with some great writers for Finish The Sentence Friday, and there's still time to join us!


  1. Yes! I want to end this year by taking in every moment and not stressing out about things I have no control of! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I do the same things Lana...when is the bottom going to fall out? NO More, living your mantra dear friend and thank you!! Happy Festive weekend beautiful lady!!

  3. Well said, friend and YAYAYAYYAYA for snow: it makes everybody slow down.

  4. What a positive way to look at life, Lana!

  5. Yes...pause and reflect!!
    Good Mantra :)

  6. Really great message Lana... I agree we need to slow down and enjoy the time we have... now that I am working from home I find I am really appreciating things so much more... There is a great deal of love to get us all through... xox

  7. LOVE, LOVE, Love this! Agree my friend. Especially with the kids so little, I want to enjoy every second of the Christmas magic that they create.

  8. This is totally what I need to do these last 3 weeks (I seriously didn't even realize this until I read it in your post- 3 WEEKS left of 2016?!!!) is enjoy the Christmas spirit! 2016 was a great year for me, but I think I strived for it to be good since 2015 was so yuck. I hope 2017 will be good to both of us!


  9. That is the best thing to do by the end of the year, slow down and reflect. Beautiful use of the prompt. Happy holidays :)

  10. Excellent mantra - I will try to do the same.

  11. I hear you. A full calendar year of crazy. I fulfilled a life dream - Alaska - but other than that, it wasn't the best year. The celebrity deaths were particularly bad. The election was nuts. I feel like people are divided now and I don't want to pin so many hopes on 2017 but I really am hopeful.


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