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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Highlight Your Tallness

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Today we're sharing an outfit that highlights our assets.  Admittedly, at 51 years of age, I'm still not very good at buying things that work best for my body.  I tend to be impulsive with my fashion choices, and if I like something, it goes in my closet.  And then it sits there because it's not right for me and I shouldn't have bought it.  Something to work on.  

This, however, is an outfit I should wear more often.  Have I mentioned that I'm tall?  Yes? I feel like I talk about it all the time, because truthfully I've always wished I could chop a few inches off my height.  But it is what it is, so lately I've been wearing higher heels and embracing my verticalness.  (Hmm...spell check says that isn't a word...but Google says it is, so it's staying).

I'm wearing a column of color which elongates the body and makes you appear taller.  The sweater coat breaks up all that black and adds visual interest.  It could probably be a bit longer, but I think the proportions still work.  If you want to look like you've suddenly grown a few inches, this is one way to go.

How about you?  Do you dress for your body type, or is it a free for all like me?  

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  1. Yes, to embracing your tallness! As a shorty I have always thought if I were tall I would hold my head high and accent it as much as possible. :) You look amazing in this and that floral cardigan is a fabulous piece! I think I try to dress for my body type and highlight my assets, but still like playing around with it a bit.

  2. This is an amazing outfit, Lana!! You definitely have to wear it tons!!
    And you know how we always want what we don't have. If I had legs like yours.....just sayin'

  3. Girl, you are supermodel tall and amazing with those long legs! But I know what you mean about impulse shopping - I have a whole pile of it in my room waiting to go to goodwill!

  4. Isn't funny what we want - I wish I was taller - and I think how blessed you are for height! I try to be really conscious of what works for me - but there are those times. I have this "cow" sweater in my drawer that I am not sure what I was thinking.

    Daily Style Finds

  5. Standing next to you makes me feel little. Can't wait to stand next to you soon.

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