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Monday, March 11, 2019

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Happy Monday!  In honour of all my Canadian friends, I'm using the "u" today.  Speaking of which, today at TBB we're talking some of our favourite things.  And speaking of THAT, are you a fan of Ariana Grande's new song?  I definitely prefer Julie Andrews' original version.

Enough rambling.  On to a few of my recent favourite things!

1/ Anko, my new favourite store.  This Australian based retailer reminds me of Ikea, without the furniture.  Cute, trendy items at great prices.  Conner is moving into his new house in a few weeks, and he needs all the things.  We shopped at Anko on Sunday and got quite the haul.

2/ Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings, my favourite jeans.  Perfect rise, perfect fit, and so comfy.  Without a button, they lay flat in front for a smooth look.  I love all the Rockstars, but the Jeggings get special mention.

3/ Imperfect Produce, my new favourite way to buy fruits & vegetables.  We've been eating healthier around here, but I tend to buy the same things at the grocery.  This company sources the "ugly" produce directly from farms - the stuff that stores won't take - and delivers a box to your house every week.  You can customize your box, or be surprised.  And it's about 30% less than the store.

4/ Saranghae Skincare, my favourite beauty routine.  My skin is getting so dry as I age, but this line keeps me hydrated and a little less wrinkly.  Saranghae is very customer focused, full of heart, and features non-toxic, vegan products.

5/ Write With Me:  3 Things with The Horton Family, one of my new favourite link ups.  This month, Laura wants to know:

-Do you believe in luck?  Why or why not?  Maybe, a little bit.  For example, my grandma was super lucky when it came to winning contests.  She won almost everything she entered.  But I also believe in making your own luck and calling things to yourself, with a positive attitude.

-What was your favourite thing about yesterday or today?  Well, today is Monday, and I used to hate Mondays.  But then I read somewhere that you shouldn't automatically hate 1/7 of your life.  So true!  So now I try to see Mondays as a fresh start, a chance to make it a great week.

-Show us the last picture you took, and a short description of it.  I took this last night at my sister's house, where we were having a family birthday for my mom and Conner.  Sunday family dinners are the best.  Especially when they're at someone else's house!

Have a great week and be sure to link up your favourite things posts at The Blended Blog.


  1. Yay for family dinners someone else’s house, glad your boy is home! My two just had to jet off to the tropics, LOL! Miss seeing them and will worrying about them! Have a super sweet Monday

  2. There's the description of Anko....I wonder if we will get one soon??
    As for your thought on Monday....that is smart to think of it that way. You hate to start the week with a negative thought!! But it's much easier once you retire...LOL!!

  3. I hadn't heard of any of those things on your list...that was fun! Also- loving the Monday approach!

  4. I need to try the rockstar jeggings! Haven't yet. And Anko looks like a really cool store I probably should try to stay away or I would spend too much money! :)

  5. I love the idea of no button on the jeans. I hate how shorts don’t lie flat over the button.

  6. Oooh I need to check out that Imperfect Produce - how have I never heard of this? It sounds great, fresh produce is so expensive. And ON Rockstar anything - jeggings or jeans - are always my favorite!

  7. Hi Lana!!! I love that College boy is home!! So exciting. Yay for your favorite things :) I need to try Old Navy Jeggings, I’ve heard such great things and I have yet to find a pair of jeans that are comfortable.
    Mary |

  8. I keep seeing things about Imperfect Produce and need to check it out! Anko looks like such a cute store! I agree, Sunday family dinners are the best! We don't do them often enough!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

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