My New Happy: Feeling My Age - Or Not

Friday, March 8, 2019

Feeling My Age - Or Not

What a week.  Is it Friday yet?  Okay, good.

In my heart and in my mind, I feel young.  And I try not to look in the mirror more than necessary, so I'm caught off guard when something reminds me of how long I've been on this earth.

The first was the death on Monday of Luke Perry.  Admittedly, I was never a huge Beverly Hills 90210 fan.  The show ran during a decade when I was getting married, building a career, and having kids.  No DVR, no Hulu, and not a lot of time to watch TV during the week.  But I tuned in from time to time.

His death, at the age of 52, from a stroke...was shocking.  I'M almost 52.  I don't know the state of his health or what was going on in his life, but still.  When a person, who was young when you were young, dies of something that seems like an old age disease...well, it makes you think about your own mortality.

I'm so sorry for his family and friends, and for Luke himself.  I'm sure he had so much left to do.

When I heard the news, I literally had to take a seat.  The fact is, I'm not a young'un anymore, no matter what my mind or heart says.  Am I taking the best care of myself possible?  Eating the right things, exercising the right way?  Doing everything I can to prevent a heart attack, a stroke, cancer?  So much to think about.

And then something much less important happened yesterday, but it made me feel my age yet again. 

While out running errands, a woman approached me at the store.  I smiled at her, expecting something pleasant to come out of her mouth.  Nope.  I don't remember her exact words, but the general idea was that the jeans I was wearing were completely inappropriate for someone my age.  And she just thought I should know, since clearly no one else had told me.  Then she walked away.

I stared after her in surprise, unable to come up with a single thing to say.  Quick, witty retorts have never been my forte.

The apparently offensive jeans.

I like distressed jeans.  I think they're different and fun and this pair in particular is super comfy.  My initial reaction was to be upset and a little humiliated.  Was she right?  I found myself hurrying through the store, wondering if I looked silly, walking around in a trend that's probably intended for someone much younger than me.

But by the time I got back to my car, I was angry.  She was wrong.  And definitely not entitled to make me feel bad about myself, or judge me and my choices in jeans wear.

The death of Luke Perry and the clearly-not-up-on-the-latest-fashion woman at the store left me feeling my age this week.  Or maybe not.  How I live, in mind, body and heart, are really up to me.  I'll keep working towards being the best I can be, and the universe will decide if that's good enough.  

And no matter what, I'm never getting rid of these jeans.


  1. It's quite amazing how some people think they are the almighty judge when it comes to fashion and style. Obviously they haven't been keeping up with being fierce and wearing what we want. She must be stuck in those fashion rules, and it's very sad for her.
    I always come up with retorts days later. I wish I were faster so I could pop them out when they are appropriate.
    Keep the jeans, and don't think another thing about it, except it's a funny story.

  2. I still can't believe the balls of that lady. I bet she was wearing high-waisted elastic banded pants. Hope your weekend is great.

  3. Me too Lana, I can't believe that someone would have the nerve to say something negative when you look so good in those jeans! People should mind their own business if they do not have anything nice to say!
    I hope you ignore those kind of comments.
    Have a great day and weekend!

  4. The jeans look great - you look great...period. The woman's comment was not a reflection of you; it was a reflection of her! She is clearly a miserable person. In all your postings, I have never once thought that you looked inappropriate. You have a nice style. Sorry that this happened to you. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I read your story about the jeans on Instagram and just couldn’t believe it! The nerve! Just continue to be sweet you. I was so sad by Luke Perry‘s death as well, such a part of my life back in college and beyond.

  6. Lana, I feel the same way about Luke Perry. I loved 90210 and watched it all the time - I was in college and grad school but it was one of the shows I tuned into each week. I am shocked and stunned and he was such a good and kind person (based on what I keep hearing about him). I am heartbroken for his family.
    That woman! I am still reeling from that. Like you, I would not have been ready with a witty retort. I am quick witted but I NEVER expect someone to say something cruel and when they do I am stunned. What a horribly unhappy person she must be to say such unkind things to someone so beautiful. And you are Lana. A beauty. I think it shines from the inside out on you. Keep wearing those jeans and I hope you see her again and smile big at her - she will not dull your sparkle!

  7. The death of Luke Perry had me thinking the same things! When I saw your post on Instagram I could not believe that a complete stranger could be that rude! I'm not good at quick retorts either but she really didn't deserve to be acknowledged anyway. Keep wearing those jeans and everything else you love!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. OMG.. I'm fuming right now. Why would someone say that? She obviously has her own issues that have nothing to do with you. Your style should never change. UGH.
    I was nine when 90210 came out so I was right at that age to get obsessed.. I do want to know why he died. He was still acting! I know it was stroke, but was it something else too? I want to know!

    The kinda opposite of your story. I saw an older woman at the market yesterday. He had short curly gray hair and was maybe around 60? She was wearing a jean jacket over jean skirt over black tights and with high boots. I was like, "That's my perfect outfit!"

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