My New Happy: Summer's End

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Summer's End

Every year, as September rolls around, I think about summer and wonder where the time went.  Sometimes I'm ready for fall, and other years, not so much.  It's such a short season in Seattle, and I usually feel like I missed so many things.  

But as I scrolled through my pictures...what a summer it was!

There were baking classes, the gift of flight, and a visit to see these lovely ladies.

Hiking and crabbing, and a family vacation to the mountains.

Weddings, and farmer's markets, and Yosemite and San Francisco.

And the music!  My younger son is a connoisseur of all types of music, and loves to introduce me to new bands.  But this summer he said we "needed" to see a few concerts, and I hate to argue with a need.

First up was Paul McCartney in Vancouver...and wow.  He's 77, and I will never complain about my age, and what I can and cannot do, again.

Next was The Rolling Stones on a beautiful Seattle night in August, and double wow.  Just in case I forgot the original lesson, Mick Jagger is 76 and had a heart valve replacement in the spring.  But he strutted and danced around the stage like a teenager.

So as summer ends, I'll tuck away the memories and remind myself how blessed I am.  Fall is a beautiful season in the Pacific Northwest and I have to admit, I'm excited to pull out the booties and sweaters.  But don't get me started on winter...

How was your summer?  What was your favorite part?


  1. You had a great summer and did so much! I saw the Rolling Stones years ago and it would be so fun to see them again! I bet Paul McCarthy was amazing to see!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. What a fun and sweet summer with lots of great memories made!

  3. You certainly packed in a ton of wonderful events into the summer Lana!!!

  4. It sounds like you had a fun summer Lana. I think the summer flew by but I'm looking forward to fall.

  5. WOW, such great times and great concerts! Cassidy saw the Stones this summer too and said it was AWESOME!

  6. Oh my gosh what a fun thing to do with your son - concerts!!! And Lana how many times do people think you are his girlfriend or sister? What a babe you are!


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