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Monday, March 4, 2019

TBB Asks: Shop Til You Drop

Happy Monday, friends, and welcome to another edition of TBB Asks.  Today we're talking about shopping, which just so happens to be one of my favorite subjects.  Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!

1/ Nordstrom Rack, Loft, and Kate Spade are current favorites.  Honorable mentions to Target and an adorable hometown boutique called Hoity Toity.

2/ These days I shop mostly online, although I do enjoy heading to the outlet mall near my house.  I'm kind of over regular malls.

3/ Sweaters, I suppose.  Must be why I have so many.

4/ Is there anything more tortuous than bra shopping?  Maybe jeans?

5/ I don't think it's possible to choose.  I love the short navy trench I bought in Paris.  Recently, it's my Michael Kors puffer coat, and I've worn it almost everyday this winter.

6/ Definitely with others.  It's so much more fun to shop with friends, and they point out things you might not pick for yourself.

7/ Target has the best bargains, especially on their clearance end caps. 

8/ I enjoy thrift store shopping, and have found some fabulous things over the years.  It requires a lot of time to find the best treasures, however, so I haven't been in awhile.

9/ Paris was pretty amazing for window shopping.  New York too.  Honestly, any city in which Grumbling Grace is shopping is the best.

10/ In the 80's, I loved Princess Diana's style.  Lately, Lady Gaga has been killing it with her stunning, classic dresses.

Come back next week for more TBB Monday fun!


  1. bahahahahah- totally true about shopping and Abbie. I love our shopping trips..can't wait for the next one with you!

  2. I totally agree with you that it's WAY more fun to shop with friends.Seriously, those articles that tell you you shouldn't are crazy. Sure, you buy things maybe you wouldn't have alone, but that's the whole idea.

    1. It's always more fun to shop with friends, I think. Someday we will shop together!

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  4. I don't mind bra shopping or jeans shopping but bathing suit shopping is the worst!! Ha!

  5. I agree that Princess Diana's style will always be timeless. I love keeping up with Kate and Megan's style, too.

  6. Bra shopping is the worst and something that I have to make time to do soon....

  7. Definitely more fun to shop with friends! Jeans and bra shopping are horrible along with swimsuits for me!

    Jil - Doused in Pink

  8. Hi Lana :) Nordstrom rack is one of my favorite places to shop too! I like looking for cozy stylish sweaters too. Target does have the best deals. It's always more fun to shop with friends :)
    Mary -

  9. Lady Gaga really does have some amazing fashions. Except for that whole meat dress thing. THANK GOODNESS she's evolved since then :) But she's a risk taker, and I appreciate that! I love Target too. And that Michael Kors puffer coat is too cute! Perfect for winter!


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